Newtown Township

Board of Supervisors Minutes

August 14, 2002

MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting August 28, 2002. MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF 8/14/02:  Mr. Weaver moved to approve the minutes of the 8/14/02 regular meeting; the motion was seconded by Mrs. Goren and passed unanimously, with Mr. Jirele abstaining. 

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday, August 14, 2002, in the Township meeting room at 8:00 PM.  In attendance were Supervisors:  Chairman Scott Harp, Treasurer Richard Weaver, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Anne Goren and Member Raymond Goodnoe.  Also present were:  Park and Recreation Board Chairman Bernie Bires, Planning Commission Vice Chairman Allen Fidler, Township Solicitors Stephen Harris and David Sander, Township Engineer Gerald Smith, Special Counsel for Cable TV Fred Polner, Township Director of Public Works Tom Harwood and Township Finance Director Elaine Gibbs.



CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Harp called the regular meeting to order at 8:00 PM with a moment of silence.



INVOCATION:  Given by Reverend Aaron Klein of the Addisville Reformed Church.  This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.



ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA:   Mr. Harp announced there will be no executive session this evening, and a report from the Financial Planning Committee is added under Item 8.





MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF 7/24/02:  Mr. Weaver moved to approve the minutes of the 7/24/02 regular meeting; the motion was seconded by Mrs. Goren and passed unanimously.


Later in the meeting the minutes were amended as follows:


Mrs. Goren moved to amend the first sentence of the 20th paragraph of the 7/24/02 minutes under the discussion of George Stockburger’s proposal to develop property on the Bypass (page 12) to read:  “Robert McBride, owner of the property at 34 South Sycamore Street…”.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously.


BILLS LIST AND INTERFUND TRANSFERS:  Mr. Weaver moved to pay bills totaling $286,100.69 and approve interfund transfers totaling $69,600.00; the motion was seconded by Mrs. Goren and passed unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Mr. Weaver said that the first stages of the preparation of the 2003 budget have begun, with meetings with department heads.





100TH BIRTHDAYS - STANFORD ROBERTS AND NAOMI BEATY:  Mr. Harp introduced Stanford Roberts, who will celebrate his 100th birthday on 8/23/02, and presented him with a plaque in honor of the occasion.  Mr. Harp said that Mr. Roberts served as a Township Supervisor and was a successful businessman as well.


Mr. Harp said that earlier today he presented a plaque to Naomi Beaty honoring her 100th birthday, which took place on 8/4/02.  Mr. Harp described her as an educator in the Township for many years.


PUBLIC HEARING - RCN REQUEST TO MODIFY CABLE TELEVISION FRANCHISE AGREEMENT:  Mr. Harp opened the hearing, which had been continued from 6/12/02.  He asked Fred Polner, the Township’s Special Counsel for Cable TV, to join the Supervisors on the dais.  Andrew Katsock, attorney for RCN, and Thomas Steele, Vice President and Regulatory Counsel for RCN, were present.


Mr. Steele stated that the agreement with the Township was one of RCN’s first franchise agreements.  He said that since the agreement was made, RCN has had difficulty acquiring additional franchises in Bucks County.  Also, the telecommunications industry has not been doing well.  The value of RCN’s stock is down, and the company has had difficulty obtaining capital.  Mr. Steele said that RCN met with several communities in 2001 concerning modification or termination of their franchise agreements.


Mr. Steele said the key element in the RCN proposal being presented tonight is the request to make the construction commitment open until the company is ready to begin construction.  He stated that it is taking all their resources to survive this period, and they can not make a commitment to a construction deadline at this time.


Mr. Katsock said that RCN needs to demonstrate three circumstances to warrant a modification of the franchise agreement:

·       That there has been a change in conditions beyond their control.

·       That the agreement was based on this change not happening

·       That the general mix of services existing at the time of the agreement will not change if the modification is made.


Mr. Katsock said RCN can demonstrate that all three circumstances are present.  He said RCN is not requesting termination of the agreement, which they have done in other communities, but only the elimination of the construction deadline.


Mr. Harris asked Mr. Steele to confirm that RCN’s request came to the Township in his letter of 10/16/01; Mr. Steele confirmed this statement.


Richard Tonge, a Township resident, asked what would be the consequences if RCN files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Mr. Harris said the Township will have to consider this possibility in their deliberations.


Mr. Harp thanked the RCN representatives for their presentation and said the Board of Supervisors will make a decision at their 8/28/02 meeting.  He agreed to send the decision to RCN in writing.  Mr. Harp then closed the hearing.





PARK AND RECREATION BOARD:  Chairman Bernie Bires reported on the 8/7/02 Park and Recreation Board meeting.  The Board heard a report from the Hidden Lake subcommittee and Chief Duffy.  The Board voted to recommend that Hidden Lake remain as undeveloped open space, and that the Township look into ways to address safety and other concerns about the lake.


Mr. Bires also said that Roberts Ridge Park will be officially opened on 9/15/02 (date has changed to 9/22) with a ceremony and a concert.  The Clark property parking area should be completed soon.  The Board concluded that a skatepark is not feasible in the area behind Staples at this time.  Mr. Wert reported that there was a 10% increase in revenue and a 14 % increase in participation in the summer recreation programs.  The flag football program will play against teams in Lower Makefield, Bensalem and Levittown.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL:  Mr. Weaver reported that the Council met on 8/1/02.  George Stockburger made a presentation about development of his property on the Bypass.  The Council also discussed several of their publications and forms.


FINANCIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Mr. Weaver said the Committee met on 8/13/02 and discussed how to fund some major projects, such as land acquisition, municipal building expansion and park and recreation facilities, without raising taxes. 


PLANNING COMMISSION:  Commission Vice Chairman Allen Fidler reported on their 8/6/02 meeting.  The Commission discussed a report from the Traffic Engineer, reviewed a plan for a minor subdivision of Joseph Szarko’s property, a conditional use request for soil stripping at the Wiltshire Walk site, a conditional use request for a nursery and day care center at the Assembly of God Church and a preliminary plan for phase 3 of the Tudor Square development.  The Commission voted to recommend approval of the soil stripping request, provided that an attempt is made to keep the soil in the Township; and to recommend approval of the nursery and day care center provided that a variance is obtained regarding the size of the property.


The Commission also discussed the Disclosure Ordinance, which is being discussed by the Newtown Area Joint Planning Commission.  Mr. Fidler said that the prevailing feeling is that this should be a stand alone ordinance in each municipality.  It will be on the next few Commission agendas, and Mr. Fidler said the Commission would welcome comments on what should be in the ordinance. 


Mr. Goodnoe said that at the last Board of Supervisors meeting he requested that the Planning Commission review and comment on the resolution presented by the Newtown Grant Homeowners Association regarding improvements to Stoopville Road.  Mr. Harp said this would be a good idea.


HISTORIC ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD:  Ethel Hibbs, HARB Secretary, reported that they met yesterday and agreed to recommend approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new sign for Hollywood Nails, at 211 South Sycamore Street.


Mrs. Goren moved to approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new sign for Hollywood Nails at 211 South Sycamore Street.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver.


Discussion of motion: Mr. Goodnoe said the current sign is lit in such a way that the light is directed into traffic.   Mr. Harwood said he will look into this.


Mrs. Goren and Mr. Weaver agreed to amend their motion to include the provision that the applicant will correct the lighting of the sign so that it does not shine into traffic.  The motion was passed unanimously.





GRANGE FAIR:  Mr. Goodnoe announced that the annual Middletown Grange Fair began today.  He encouraged everyone to visit the fair, located on Penns Park Road.





Gail Laughlin, a Township resident, said there is a silent majority of Township residents who do not want a car dealership on the Bypass.  She stated that the Stockburger proposal was developed without consulting the owner of the Sycamore Street property.


Ethel Hibbs, a Township resident, asked if a new sign could be installed at Roberts Ridge Park with the correct name of the park.  She also asked that, if the sign mentions Mr. Roberts, his name should be “H. Stanford Roberts”.  Mr. Harp asked Mr. Harwood to discuss this with Mr. Pellegrino.


Richard Tonge, a resident of Newtown Grant, said he would like to comment on the resolution regarding the Swamp Road culvert when it is discussed under the Solicitor’s report.


Nancy Cresenzco, a Township resident, said she is concerned about the funds being spent on parks.  She also noted that the outcome of the redistricting issue will affect residents’ lives for a long time.  She said that most people are in favor of a nine region plan, but the Board of Supervisors has opposed this and gotten the Township involved in expensive litigation.







WORK SESSION:  Mr. Harp said there will be a work session on 8/19/02, at which the Board of Supervisors will discuss an intergovernmental agreement, a request from the Council Rock School District to use the field behind Staples, the consortium bids for pipes, the Swamp Road culvert replacement and several administrative issues.  He said there will also be an executive session that evening.


ACME SITE REDEVELOPMENT:  Mr. Harp asked the Board to approve the following members for a Visioning Committee to make recommendations for the use of the site to the Board of Supervisors:

·       Dick Weaver

·       Vince Lombardi

·       Joe Majerski

·       Frank Tyrol

·       Caron Williams

·       Jerry DeYoung

·       John Parry

·       Paul Lewis

·       Terry McLean

·       Jim Bowe


Mr. Harp further asked that Mr. Lombardi be named Chairman of the Visioning Committee.  He said that the Committee will be asked to develop their recommendations within 60 days.


Mrs. Goren moved to appoint those listed above to the Visioning Committee, and to appoint Vince Lombardi as Chairman of the Committee.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver.


Discussion of motion:  Mr. Goodnoe asked where these names came from.  Mr. Harp responded that they were suggested by the administration, Supervisors, and others.  He said this list is a group of dedicated and knowledgeable citizens.  Mr. Goodnoe said Mr. Harp should have solicited names from a wider circle of Township residents and included people who are not already actively involved in the development of the Sycamore Street area.


Nancy Cresenzco said the nomination process should have been more open.


Mr. Goodnoe said he is particularly opposed to the appointment of Mr. Lombardi, and to his appointment as Chairman; therefore he will be voting against the motion.


Mrs. Goren’s motion passed 3-1, with Mr. Goodnoe voting “nay”.


Mr. Harp said he expects the Committee’s recommendations by 10/1/02.




PLAN EXPIRATIONS:  Mr. Harwood said there are no expirations needing to be addressed, although there are several that will expire before the first Board of Supervisors meeting in September.


PRD VARIANCE EXTENSION:  Mr. Harwood said that Michael Hutchinson has requested an extension on the approved plan for construction of a garage at 30 Chatham Place, the property of Thomas and Ina Levien, to a year from the date of his 8/7/02 letter.


Mrs. Goren moved to approve an extension of the revised final PRD plan for 30 Chatham Place to 8/7/03.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously.




RESOLUTION 2002-22 - SWAMP ROAD CULVERT REPLACEMENT:  In his report Mr. Harris provided copies of a draft resolution opposing PennDOT’s plan to replace the culvert on Swamp Road before making the other Swamp Road corridor improvements.  Mr. Harris explained that both Newtown and Wrightstown Townships had recommended that all the improvements be done at the same time.  Mr. Harris said that he revised the draft resolution in accordance with comments he received from Mrs. Goren; copies of the revised draft were distributed to the Supervisors during the meeting.  The Supervisors also received copies of an 8/2/02 memo from Mr. Pellegrino and  two e-mail messages, dated 7/31/02 and 8/8/02, from Chester Pogonowski of the Wrightstown Board of Supervisors, regarding the Swamp Road culvert.


Mrs. Goren questioned whether the draft resolution reflects Wrightstown Township’s position on the culvert replacement, and asked if the matter could be tabled to the next meeting.  Mr. Harp agreed to do so.  He said that he will speak with Mr. Pogonowski in the meantime to ascertain Wrightstown’s position.


Richard Tonge, a resident of Newtown Grant, said that he attended the hearings on this matter at the Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC).  He said that the BCPC made the culvert replacement a project on its own because they want to get it done quickly.  He said that the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission also recommended this action.  Mr. Tonge urged the Supervisors not to oppose the culvert replacement.


Jim Bowe, a Township resident, said he served on the Swamp Road Advisory Committee.  He said he appreciated the concerns of Stoopville Road residents, but the Advisory Committee felt that enabling trucks to use Swamp Road before all the planned improvements are done will create a very dangerous situation.


GOLDBERGER AND KELLY V. NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP ZONING HEARING BOARD:  In his report Mr. Harris provided copies of a proposed Settlement Stipulation to settle the Goldberger/Kelly Zoning Appeal.  He said a motion is necessary to authorize him to sign the settlement.


Mrs. Goren moved to authorize the Solicitor to sign the Settlement Stipulation on behalf of the Township.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously.


BRANDYWINE REALTY TRUST - ZONING APPEAL:  Mr. Harris said that three Township residents have filed an appeal of the Zoning Hearing Board’s decision to grant a variance and special exception to Brandywine Realty Trust for its proposed Newtown Corporate Center.  Mr. Harris said he has entered the case on the Township’s behalf in order to be informed of decisions in the case, but he will not file briefs or take a position unless directed to do so by the Board of Supervisors.


COUNCIL ROCK REDISTRICTING:  Mr. Harris noted that the conference before Judge McAndrew will take place on 8/15/02.




UPDATE ON CURRENT PROJECTS:  In his report Mr. Smith provided an update of all current Township engineering projects.  He highlighted several items in the report:

·       The Linton Hill Road culvert replacement project will be completed as soon as a guardrail is delivered.

·       The punch list for Penns Preserve is about 30% complete, and all units are either complete or under construction.

·       Lakeview Estates is expected to be completed by 9/9/02.

·       Construction on the Heston development began on 8/12/02.

·       Pennoni is trying to revise the permit for the Hemlock Drive and Stoopville Road Pedestrian Crossing signal to eliminate continuous flashing operation.

·       A meeting with PennDOT and Tyler Park was held on 7/18/02 regarding coordination of the Trail with the new bridge design.


Mr. Goodnoe noted that development of Hidden Lake is still on the report, and he suggested that it be removed in view of the recommendation of the Park and Recreation Board.  Mr. Harp concurred with this suggestion.


CHANGE ORDERS - LINTON HILL ROAD CULVERT PROJECT:  Mr. Smith provided copies of two requests for change orders from the contractor on the Linton Hill Road project.  He explained that the requests arise from the omission of necessary traffic control and cleanup work from the original bid, and he recommends that they be approved.  Mr. Harp said he favors approval, since the work involves safety issues.  He said that Mr. Pellegrino told him the funds can be found in the budget.


Mr. Goodnoe asked who prepared the original bid; Mr. Smith responded that Carroll Engineering did.  Mrs. Goren asked if the Township can bill Carroll Engineering for the work.  Mr. Harris said he did not see this as something for which the Township can bill Carroll Engineering.


Mrs. Goren moved to authorize payment for the two change orders for the Linton Hill Road culvert replacement project.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously.



OLD BUSINESS:  No items for this section.





PRELIMINARY PLAN - NEWTOWN CORPORATE CENTER - UPPER SILVER LAKE ROAD - TMP# 29-10-76:  Attorney Michael Caughlin, Tony Rimikis of Brandywine Realty Trust and several members of their design team were present to discuss their plan to build five office buildings, totaling 450,000 square feet, on a 58.7 acre parcel in the OR District. 


Mr. Caughlin stated that the property in question is the Roberts Tract.  He displayed an aerial map of the area.  He said the tract is adjacent to the existing ICT building, also a Brandywine project, and the intention is to create an office campus including the two projects.  Mr. Caughlin said a sketch plan was presented to the Board of Supervisors in February 2001 and to the Planning Commission in July 2001.  The preliminary plan was submitted in December 2001.  Brandywine has met three times with the Planning Commission; at their 7/2/02 meeting the Commission recommended approval of the preliminary plan with a number of conditions, as described in their 7/9/02 letter.  Mr. Caughlin said that Brandywine has also met with PennDOT and the Department of Environmental Protection.  Proposed road improvements include a road connecting Penns Trail North and the Bypass, and a full intersection where the road meets the Bypass. 


Mr. Caughlin said that the new road will be of great benefit to the Township.  He said that the 1998 McMahon traffic study of the OR District recommended a loop road such as the one that will be formed by Penns Trail North and the proposed road in the Newtown Corporate Center.  It will relieve some congestion on the Bypass and on Lindenhurst Road, and will include a very costly bridge over Core Creek.  He added that the Board of Supervisors requested an easement for this road when they approved the ICT building project earlier.


Mr. Caughlin reviewed the changes in the design since the Board reviewed the sketch plan in February 2001: 

·       The road has been realigned to have less impact on adjacent properties.

·       The Roberts farmhouse, a large copper beech tree and a group of trees in the northwest corner  will be preserved.

·       Brandywine is proposing to leave 199 parking spaces in green.

·       Berms will be installed to protect residential neighbors.

·       Lighting will be boxed, and all but security lighting will be turned off at 10:00 PM.

·       Brandywine agreed to 11 of 15 conditions requested by Norwalk residents (Mr. Caughlin gave the Supervisors copies of this agreement).


Mr. Caughlin also said that Brandywine commissioned a fiscal impact study which showed that the total tax benefit to the Township will be $823,825, while a residential development of $400,000 homes would cost the Township $51,098.  Mr. Caughlin gave copies of the study to the Supervisors.  Mr. Rimikis stated that he requested the study because both uses are permitted in the OR District and a comparison of the fiscal impact is important information for the Township.


Mr. Caughlin said Brandywine will comply with the recommendations of the Planning Commission in their 7/9/02 letter, and with all review letters.


Mrs. Goren asked if the height of the proposed lights will be 10’ instead of 16’.  Mr. Rimikis said they will be 16’ high, but shielded, as on the ICT property.  He said that Brandywine is willing to make the lights 10’ high in areas adjacent to homes.


Mrs. Goren asked about the dimensions of the proposed road from Upper Silver Lake Road to the Bypass.  Mr. Caughlin said the road will be consistent with Penns Trail North, with 12’ lanes and 4’ shoulders, making a total cartway of 32’.  Mark Roth, the Brandywine traffic engineer, stated that this width is adequate, and more width might encourage speeding.  Mr. Caughlin agreed to revisit this issue with Carroll Engineering, which is responsible for the civil engineering review. 


Mr. Weaver asked about a Carroll Engineering comment about floodplain soils (Section 902 of the ordinance), and Mr. Caughlin said Brandywine will comply with the recommendation.  Mrs. Goren asked about a permit also mentioned in the next paragraph of the review, and Mr. Caughlin said it will be obtained as a condition of preliminary plan approval.


Mrs. Goren asked about the requested waiver of the required centerline radius.  Mr. Mazur, Brandywine’s engineer, said they are still requesting the waiver.  He said it is not in a location where turning ability will be affected.


Mrs. Goren asked about a question in the 5/29/02 Heritage Conservancy letter about basements.  Mr. Rimikis said there are is no basement space proposed.


Mrs. Goren asked if the proposed road will be public; Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine proposes to dedicate the road to the Township.  Mrs. Goren said she is concerned about the Township taking responsibility for maintaining this road, particularly with the $1.2 million bridge.


Mrs. Goren also asked about the reserve parking spaces.  Mr. Caughlin said they are all 10’ X 20’.  Brandywine feels that 4.5 per 1000 square feet is adequate, although the ordinance requires 5 per 1000 square feet; this is why some spaces are proposed to be in green.


Mr. Caughlin described the proposed sidewalks and trails, and agreed to revise the preliminary plan to show the trails.  He said there will be sidewalks on the west/south side of the connector road, and sidewalks on the north side.  A trail will run north to the Heston Tract, through the wetlands, and south to connect with the Township trail.  The part going through the wetlands will be unpaved.  There will be no sidewalks on Upper Silver Lake Road, just the trail; this will allow Brandywine to provide the largest possible buffer, and is in accordance with the wishes of nearby residents.


Mr. Harp asked if the proposed exercise trail is being considered as part of the fee in lieu of recreation facilities; Mr. Caughlin said it is.  Mr. Caughlin said the fee was calculated to be $178,158.  Mr. Harp wondered if the exercise trail is worth this amount to the Township.


Mrs. Goren expressed concern about traffic generated by this project.  She stated that tonight she drove behind the ICT building and exited onto Lindehurst Road; she asked how Brandywine will prevent traffic from doing this instead of going out to the Bypass.  Mr. Roth, Brandywine’s traffic engineer, said that the intersection with the Bypass will be better and attract the majority of cars.  Mrs. Goren questioned this, and said she has never like the access on Lindenhurst Road and would like to see it eliminated.


Mr. Roth said that 2000 trips per day are projected.  Mrs. Goren suggested a sign at the intersection of the connector road and Upper Silver Lake Road forbidding right turns at peak hours.  Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine would prefer to do this only if a problem develops.  Mr. Weaver pointed out that Pennoni suggested that tenants be encouraged to have flextime arrangements for their employees, in anticipation of traffic problems.  Mr. Caughlin said that the Planning Commission asked them to escrow $10,000 for a traffic study if it was necessary.


Mr. Caughlin said there are two issues which need to be clarified.  One is Brandywine’s request to receive credit towards the traffic impact fee in the amount of 40% of the cost of the road improvements they are making.  Mr. Caughlin cited the Pennoni letter of 4/2/01, which states that such a request has merit because about 40% of the traffic is anticipated to be non site related.  He also noted that the Township approved a similar request in regard to Wiltshire Walk.  Mrs. Goren asked what would happen if Brandywine does not put the bridge in; Mr. Rimikis said they would not receive the credit. 


Mr. Caughlin said the second issue is the dedication of the connector road, which technically will create a subdivision on the parcel.  He said this can be dealt with by cross easements and other agreements.  Mrs. Goren said she does not want to see the road dedicated.  Mr. Harp said he wanted to know the cost of maintaining the bridge.  Mrs. Goren said there is a road in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center that functions in a similar way for the community, but it remains private.  Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine will review the costs of maintenance of the bridge with the engineers.  Mr. Harris commented that the subdivision issue can be dealt with if the road is dedicated.


John Hitchner, a resident of Upper Silver Lake Road, raised several concerns:

·       He asked how the trail will cross the bridge if the roadway is only 32’ wide.  Mr. Caughlin said the bridge will be wide enough to accommodate the roadway plus a sidewalk.

·       He asked if Brandywine will connect the four homes on Upper Silver Lake Road with the water lines being installed by Orleans, with the homeowners paying the connection fees; Mr. Rimikis said they will.

·       Residents want the trail on Upper Silver Lake Road to be inside the berm.

·       Residents are concerned about their utility lines and mailboxes during construction.

·       He asked that construction of the connector road be delayed until the intersection with the Bypass and the bridge are completed.  Mrs. Goren said the Township always requires that road improvements be part of the first phase of construction.

·       He would like to see construction access from Penns Trail North; Mr. Rimikis said they will work with the engineers to make the best plan.

·       He would like the wooded area in the northwest corner roped off to ensure that it is preserved.

·       He still wants Brandywine to powerwash several neighboring homes, and said that Orleans has agreed to do this.  Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine will do so to the extent there is a problem, as determined by the Township Engineer.

·       He would like to see the other crossed out items on the Brandywine agreement with Norwalk put back in.

·       He wants to see information about the sight lines and the layout of plantings on the plan.


Mrs. Goren asked if any blasting is planned.  Mr. Rimikis said there is not.  Mrs. Goren asked that the nearby homes be videotaped first if blasting is done, to document any damage.  Mr. Harris said a better way to document these effects is a “preblast survey”.  Mr. Rimikis agreed to this condition.


Larry Fyock, a resident of Autumn Drive, said he and other upstream property owners have appealed the Zoning Hearing Board decision regarding the bridge, because they fear that flooding problems on their properties may be aggravated.  He said he would like to see the reserve parking remain an open issue for the preliminary plan, and he wants to see the three items mentioned in note 2 of Mr. Rimikis’ 8/12/02 memo put back into the agreement.


Mr. Caughlin said four sets of engineers have reviewed the plans for the bridge and say it will not cause problems for the upstream neighbors.


Joe Koval, a resident of Autumn Drive, questioned the calculations on the fiscal impact study.  Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine is willing to look at several different scenarios as well.


Jeff Travor, a resident of Autumn Drive, said Mr. Rimikis agreed to everything on the list at the 6/3/02 meeting and has gone back on his word. 


Paul Sterling, a resident of Upper Silver Lake Road, asked the Supervisors to consider the total impact of all the projects being constructed in the area.  He said he finds it hard to believe that the traffic impact of this project on Upper Silver Lake Road will be minimal.  Mr. Sterling said he likes Mrs. Goren’s idea of signs prohibiting right turns onto Upper Silver Lake Road at peak hours, and suggested that the Board review their approval of the closing of the road.


Larry Fyock asked if Brandywine will perform a land survey as described in item #1 on the list.  Mr. Rimikis said Brandywine will clearly delineate the property line with a stakeout as part of the construction process, which Mr. Fyock said will address the neighbors’ concerns.


Gail Laughlin, a Township resident, said she did not agree that the new road will benefit Township residents, and that 40% of the traffic will not be site related.


Nancy Cresenzco said she would like to see office development encouraged.


Bob Murphy, a Township resident, asked that repairing the culvert on Swamp Road be a priority.


Mrs. Goren stated again that she would like to see the access to Lindenhurst Road closed.


Mr. Harp asked Brandywine to come back at a future meeting to review the following issues:

·       Dedication of the connector road

·       The trail in lieu of a park and recreation fee

·       traffic impact on the area

·       The height of the lights


Mr. Harp asked Mr. Caughlin to agree to an extension to 9/25/02, in case the Board does not meet on 9/18/02.  Mr. Caughlin agreed to this and said he will fax a letter to the Township.  Mr. Harris suggested the Traffic Engineer be present at that meeting. 





John Hitchner said that construction on Wiltshire Walk has exposed the base of the PECO towers, creating a dangerous condition that will attract children.  He also stated that Orleans has not built the berms they agreed to construct.  Mr. Harp asked Mr. Harwood to look into these concerns.


Robert McBride, owner of the property at 34 South Sycamore Street, asked that he be correctly identified in the 7/24/02 minutes (see Approval of Minutes on page one).


Richard Tonge again urged the Board to not oppose the replacement of the Swamp Road culvert.


Nancy Cresenzco asked if the Acme Site Visioning Committee meetings will be open to the public.  Mr. Harp said the Committee will make recommendations about their procedures.  Mr. Goodnoe said they should be public meetings, and Mr. Harp said he thought it would be helpful to have public meetings.


Ms Cresenzco asked how the Township monitors blasting.  Mr. Goodnoe said the Fire Marshal monitors this.  Mr. Harris added that the improvement agreements also address blasting.


Ms Cresenzco suggested that park and recreation fees be assessed for the Newtown Corporate Center instead of accepting the exercise trail, with the fees used for a community center; Mr. Harris said the fees can not be designated for a particular project.


John D’Aprile, a Township resident, said the Visioning Committee appears to be a circle of Mr. Harp’s political friends.  Mr. Harp responded that these are longtime community members who have contributed a great deal to the community.






ADJOURNMENT:  With no objections, Mr. Harp adjourned the meeting at 12:15 AM, 8/15/02.







Gretta Stone, Recording Secretary



Minutes Approved as submitted _______ as corrected _______




Scott R. Harp, Chairman




Thomas Jirele, Vice Chairman




Anne Goren, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer




Richard Weaver, Treasurer




Raymond Goodnoe, Member