Newtown Township

Board of Supervisors Work Session

AUGUST 19, 2002 

MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting August 28, 2002. MINUTES OF WORK SESSION ON 8/19/02: Mrs. Goren moved to approve the minutes of the work session of 8/19/02; the motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously, with Mr. Jirele abstaining

Members Present:        Scott R. Harp, Chairman; Richard Weaver, Treasurer; Anne Goren, Secretary; Raymond “Skip” Goodnoe, Member; Dave Sander, Solicitor; Robert M. Pellegrino, Township Manager; Gerald Smith, Engineer.

Call to Order:                Chairman Harp called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  He announced that the meeting would end with an executive session to discuss personnel matters.  Mr. Harp also announced that the Swamp Road/PennDOT resolution was not on the agenda and would not be discussed at this meeting, as was erroneously reported. 

School District Matters

Mr. Harp said that item #4 had been deleted from the agenda, as the school district has withdrawn its request to use township fields.  He said he has asked Mr. Pellegrino to speak with Police Chief Duffy regarding the upcoming traffic situation resulting from the split session scheduling this fall at North High School.  Mr. Pellegrino said he has spoken to Chief Duffy, who is in contact with the school district. 

Mr. Iwaskiw asked about the status of the reapportionment of representation on the school board.  Mr. Sander reported that no decision has been made, and that involved parties have 30 days to develop stipulation of facts.  This is being done to establish facts of record.  Mr. Sander said there is a conference scheduled for September 18, 2002 to meet with the judge regarding the stipulation of facts. 

Consortium Pipe Bid

Mr. Pellegrino explained that this bidding process for storm water devices is done annually, and that the results of the bidding were in the Board’s packet in a memo from Tom Harwood.  The Board had no questions; this issue will be placed on the agenda for the August 28, 2002 meeting, under Manager’s Report. 

Linton Hill Road Box Culvert Replacement

Mr. Smith reported that the roadway work is completed, but the road is not open, as all the components for the guardrail are not on site.  He said that the guardrail is in transit and should arrive in a day or two; installation will take one day.  Mr. Smith said that all inspections are complete, and that the road should be open by the end of the week. 

Mr. Pellegrino said that the first request for payment, totaling $69,000, had been received from Professional Construction Contractors, Inc., and would be included, along with two or three additional payment requests, on the August 28, 2002 agenda, under the Engineer’s Report. 

Intergovernmental Agreement - Discussion

Mr. Harp said that the draft of the letter to the Lower Makefield Township Manager concerning the Intergovernmental Agreement is a response to explain why the township did not take action on the agreement.  Mr. Harp reviewed and the Board discussed the draft: 

·        In item #4, Mr. Pellegrino suggested adding the possibility for a connection with CAU at the proposed Brandywine Rd.  Ms. Goren thought there was township right of way involved, but Mr. Pellegrino was not aware of any.  He will check, and if there is a township right of way he will bring the issue back to the Board.

·        In item #2, Ms. Goren said she was concerned with cars traveling from the proposed Brandywine Rd. through the  ICT property and onto Lindenhurst Rd.  She felt there would be too much traffic and that sight distance was a problem.  She said that the entrance to Lindenhurst should be closed.  Mr. Goodnoe said that such a suggestion didn’t belong in this letter and that the Township cannot force ICT to close its driveway entrance.  Ms. Goren said Lower Makefield should be aware of the issue.  Mr. Harp said that the letter should be temperate and engender discussion. 

Mr. Pellegrino noted that this letter just described why the Board objected to the agreement, and suggested that the letter mention that there is a possibility of a connection between Road B (on the included map) and Lindenhurst through ICT. 

Ms. Cresenczo felt that the two issues of the letter and suggestions of changes were different issues.  On the issue of Lindenhurst, Ms. Cresenczo asked about the benefits and/or costs of the township taking back Lindenhurst.  Ms. Goren said that if the township took back Lindenhurst it would be responsible for liability and maintenance of the ½ mile of the road that is in the township.  Mr. Harp said mentioned possible liability; Ms. Goren said that if Brandywine Road was built, the traffic would increase and possibly liability as well.  Mr. Goodnoe’s concern was that Lindenhurst doesn’t function as a local street, but functions more as a regional road.  Mr. Harp added the issue to the agenda for the August 28, 2002 meeting. 

Employee Performance Evaluation Policy

Mr. Pellegrino presented the policy revisions.  He said that the process is moving more away from self-evaluation toward department head/supervisory evaluation.  Performance reviews would be done annually in the fall, September or October, and the evaluation discussed in a formal meeting.  The employee would have an opportunity for self-evaluation; the supervisor’s evaluation would become part of the personnel file.  Mr. Pellegrino proposed two forms for evaluation, one for non-exempt and one for exempt employees; he will refine the forms further.  It was clarified that pay raises for exempt employees are based on performance reviews. 

Mr. Pellegrino suggested the adoption of the new policy as an amendment to the Administrative Code,  but the evaluation forms should not be included in the Code because they could have more frequent revisions than the Code. 

Ms. Goren was concerned with the appeal process.  She asked whom an appeal would go to after the Township Manager.  Mr. Pellegrino said that the appeals policy could be deleted.  The Board would hear any grievances brought by union employees through the grievance procedure in collective bargaining agreements.  Mr. Harp asked Mr. Pellegrino to check with other municipal officials to see how they handle appeals.   The issue will be added to the agenda for the August 28, 2002 meeting. 

Road Tour

Mr. Harp said that he would be looking for dates for a road tour by the Board, to help re-familiarize the Board with township roads.  Ms. Cresenczo asked about a map of the roads to be viewed.  Mr. Pellegrino noted that the Second Class Township Code had been amended to remove the requirement for a road tour.  Mr. Sander said that the Board may need to advertise the tour, but he would double check.  Mr. Iwaskiw suggested that residents could express their concerns and issues with roadways before the tour, and then the Board could view the particular sites of these concerns. 

Acme Building Committee

Ms. Cresenczo asked if there was a meeting date set for the Acme Building Committee.  Mr. Pellegrino said that Bob White from the Redevelopment Authority would be meeting with the administration to set meeting dates and said he would notify Ms. Cresenczo of the dates.  Ms. Cresenczo noted that there were no women on the committee, and said she felt that having some committee members who were also on the YMCA committee presented a conflict of interest.   


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.  Executive session followed.


Respectfully Submitted by: 


Leslie. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary          8/23/02