Newtown Township

Board of Supervisors Minutes

August 27, 2003

MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting September 10, 2003. MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF 8/27/03:  Mr. Weaver moved to approve the minutes of the 8/27/03 regular meeting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Goodnoe and passed unanimously, with Mrs. Goren abstaining. 

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday, August 27, 2003, in the Township meeting room at 8:00 PM.  In attendance were Supervisors: Chairman Scott R. Harp, Treasurer/Secretary Richard Weaver, Member Thomas Jirele and Member Raymond Goodnoe.  Also present were:  Planning Commission Vice-Chairman Allen Fidler, Park and Recreation Board Chairman Bernard Bires, Cable TV Committee Chairman James Bowe, Representative David Steil, Wrightstown Township Supervisors Chester Pogonowski and Jane Magne, PennDOT District Administrator Andrew Warren, Township Solicitor David Sander, Township Engineer Gerald Smith and Township Manager Robert M. Pellegrino. 

CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Scott R. Harp called the regular meeting to order at 8:00 PM with a moment of silence.  

INVOCATION:  Given by Rabbi Weinstein of the Lubavitcher Center.  This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  

ADDITIONS AND CHANGES TO THE AGENDA:  Mr. Pellegrino asked that a report from the Park and Recreation Board be added under Reports of Committees, Boards and Commissions; and that an item regarding a police insurance policy be added to the Manager’s Report.  He also said there is a need for a brief executive session following the public meeting. 


CERTIFICATE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT - MASTER SERGEANT GEORGE F. WILLIAMS:  Mr. Harp presented a Certificate of Accomplishment to Sergeant George Williams, a Township resident who has served 41 years in the Armed Forces.  His service included two tours of active duty in the Middle East since 9/11/01.  

PAINTING OF CLARK NATURE CENTER:  Park and Recreation Board Chairman Bernard Bires said a painting of the Clark Nature Center by local artist Craig Hackett will be presented at the next Board of Supervisors meeting. 

PENNDOT DETOUR SIGNS:  PennDOT District Administrator Andrew Warren was present to answer questions about the brown and green detour signs posted in the Township and neighboring municipalities a few weeks ago. 

Mr. Warren said the most important thing to remember is that any licensed vehicle has the right to use any highway in Pennsylvania at any time.  He said that residents of Worthington Mill, Lindenhurst and Stoopville Roads asked the state to do something about truck traffic on those roads.  PennDOT cannot prevent trucks from using public highways, but they can suggest that trucks use wider roads like Route 413, the Bypass, and Route 232.  Mr. Warren said that the brown and green detour signs are advisory only, and will be taken down when the culverts on Swamp Road are repaired and the road is free of restrictions. 

Mr. Harp said local officials should have been notified in writing that the signs were being posted.  Mr. Goodnoe said local officials are the ones who have to explain to residents that PennDOT policy is that trucks can use any road, and the posting of the detour signs seems contradictory. 

Mr. Warren said notification of local officials would have been a good idea, and it will be done in similar situations in the future.  He apologized and took responsibility for the lack of notification regarding the detour signs.  He said he called Wrightstown and discussed using Old Anchor Road for the detour; he promised that PennDOT would repave the road when the repairs to Swamp Road are made. 

George VanderHorn, a Township resident, asked why PennDOT did not speak to other resident groups besides Residents for Regional Traffic Solutions.  He said Swamp Road is equally narrow and twisting. 

Chester Pogonowski, a member of the Wrightstown Board of Supervisors, said Mr. Warren did speak with the Wrightstown Township Manager about resurfacing Old Anchor Road, but he did not mention detouring truck traffic.  Mr. Pogonowski called for better communication between PennDOT and local officials.  A copy of Wrightstown Township’s 8/6/03 letter to Mr. Warren was provided to Board members in their packets. 

Frank Mendicino, a Township resident, complained that one citizen group has spoken for the residents of an entire region.  He would like to hear Mr. Warren state that any future discussions about traffic will include local officials and other residents. 

Walter Iwaskiw, a Township resident, said he regrets that PennDOT decided not to do all the improvements needed on Swamp Road at once. 

Michael Schiller, a Township resident, complained that a small group created a problem for other residents.  He said that truck traffic is lessening on Route 413, but automobile traffic seems to be following the detour.  He asked what can be done about the situation. 

Bob Gaynor, a Township resident and a member of Residents for Regional Traffic Solutions, suggested that Wrightstown ask Mr. Warren to come to their meetings.  He thanked PennDOT for their actions, but said most trucks are not following the detours.  

Richard Tonge, a Township resident and member of Residents for Regional Traffic Solutions, said his group has always acted openly and presented the facts.  He said more people live along Stoopville, Lindenhurst and Worthington Mill Roads than along Swamp Road. 

Nancy Crescenzo, a Township resident, thanked the Board for having this discussion.  She suggested that Mr. Warren also contact Newtown Borough and the Council Rock School Board.  She said that the newspaper has reported that the quarries may be giving Wrightstown some money, and she suggested these funds could be used for road improvements. 

Mr. Harp suggested that the Board send a letter to PennDOT asking for formal notification of Townships affected by the posting of detour signs and requesting that the signs be removed by a certain date.  Mr. Goodnoe said the Township needs to ask what criteria PennDOT is using when they establish routes without reference to engineering studies.  Mr. Jirele said the Township needs to express displeasure about the posting of the signs and find out why and how it was done.  He suggested the Township ask for a statement from PennDOT that this will not happen again without notice to the Township and without engineering studies.  Mr. Harp added a suggestion that PennDOT be asked to coordinate a meeting for officials and the public to discuss the detours. 

Mr. Weaver moved to authorize Mr. Pellegrino to develop and circulate a draft letter to PennDOT with the points mentioned in the discussion above.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele. 

Discussion of motion:  Mr. Goodnoe said it might be better to work with Representative Steil and gather some information first.  He and Mr. Jirele suggested the Board wait to send the proposed letter. 

Mr. Weaver and Mr. Jirele withdrew their motion. 

Mr. Harp said he will contact Representative Steil.  He thanked Mr. Warren, Representative Steil, and the two Wrightstown Township Supervisors for attending tonight’s meeting. 


MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF 8/13/03:  Mr. Weaver moved to approve the minutes of the 8/13/03 regular meeting.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele and passed unanimously. 

MINUTES OF THE WORK SESSION OF 7/21/03:  Mr. Weaver moved to approve the minutes of the 7/21/03 work session.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele and passed unanimously. 

BILLS LIST:  Mr. Weaver moved to pay bills totaling $288,670.43, and to make interfund transfers totaling $100.00; the motion was seconded by Mr. Goodnoe. 

Discussion of motion:  Mr. Jirele asked for clarification of a bill for a survey of Helen Randle Park.  Mr. Smith explained that Pennoni Associates was asked to locate some property lines; monuments were placed. 

Nancy Crescenzo asked if the cost of the appraisal of the Archdiocese property was an anticipated expense.  Mr. Pellegrino said the appraisal was part of the Municipal Complex expansion project, and was expected.  Ms. Crescenzo also asked about engineering services on the Staples site.  Mr. Pellegrino said that project is currently under budget. 

Mr. Weaver’s motion passed unanimously. 



PARK AND RECREATION BOARD:  Board Chairman Bernard Bires reported on their 8/6/03 meeting, which took place at the Clark Nature Center.  The Board received a painting of the Center by Craig Hackett, a local artist, agreed to review the issue of a community center, discussed questions about the name of the Nature Center, and recommended a fee in lieu of recreation space for the Kossaci subdivision.  Mr. Bires also said that the Board is preparing a preliminary proposal for development of the Woll Tract for review by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.  

Mr. Bires noted that Mr. Jirele complained at the last Board of Supervisors meeting about the Park and Recreation Board’s use of the Clark Nature Center as a location for their 8/6/03 meeting.  He said that he was responsible for choosing this venue.  He said the meeting ran longer than expected, and there was noise from Route 413 and from sidebar conversations involving Mr. Jirele and Ms. Crescenzo.  Mr. Bires also said there was a complaint at the last meeting that no one from the Park and Recreation Board attended the Newtown Athletic Club run.  He pointed out that the run was held at the same time as the Park and Recreation Board meeting. 

Mr. Bires read a letter of resignation from the Park and Recreation Board, effective 8/31/03, and presented it to Mr. Harp.  Mr. Harp said he is reluctant to accept the letter, and will be in touch with Mr. Bires to try to change his mind. 

PLANNING COMMISSION:  Commission Vice-Chairman Allen Fidler reported on their 8/19/03 meeting.  The Commission reviewed Michael D’Arcangelo’s preliminary plan for a minor subdivision on Washington Crossing Road and recommended approval, subject to several conditions and the granting of several waivers.  They had an informal discussion of the Woll Tract planning process with two members of the Park and Recreation Board, and reviewed three applications scheduled for the Zoning Hearing Board.  The Commission recommended that the Board of Supervisors oppose the application of Newtown-Yardley Road Associates. 

The Commission also identified four recommended projects for the Bucks County Transportation Improvement Program (BCTIP) submission, which is now due 9/19/03.  The Commission recommended that the Township be represented at any meetings of the Bucks County Planning Commission and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission at which the TIP is discussed. 

1.   Stoopville Road Rehabilitation – Safety improvements along the length of Stoopville Road, realignment of the intersection of Stoopville Road and Route 532.

2.   TEA21 Recreational Trail #3 – Construction of recreational trail connecting the Neshaminy Creek Dam area of Tyler State Park with the BCCC, Swamp Road Park and the Schofield Covered Bridge to the north.

3.   Newtown-Yardley Road Corridor Improvements – Widen Newtown-Yardley Road to a five-lane cross-section to provide better access to and from the business park.

4.   Newtown Rail Line Reactivation – Rehabilitation and electrification of the R8 line portion in Bucks County, furnishing of rolling stock, and construction of a park near the Newtown Bypass. 

In response to questions from the Supervisors, Mr. Fidler discussed the projects in more detail.  He said they are not in priority order.  In Project #4, the Commission was thinking of light rail service, not a full service commuter line.  Mr. Fidler said the Commission did not consider putting the Swamp Road safety improvements on the TIP because the engineering for that project has already been funded.  They did not put improvements to the intersection of Route 413 and the Bypass on the TIP because those problems will be addressed locally.  Mr. Fidler noted that the Commission was advised to recommend only three projects, as funding is very tight this year.  At their next meeting, the Commission will discuss a list of local projects for the Township to keep in mind.   

Mr. Fidler commented that Mr. Warren is a friend of Newtown Township and has many difficult issues to deal with at PennDOT.  He asked the Board to bear that in mind in taking further actions about the detour signs.  

George VanderHorn said he was a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Swamp Road study.  He asked if the Board can address the separation of the repairs to the culverts from other safety improvements on Swamp Road.  Mr. Jirele said he is also concerned about restrictions being lifted on Swamp Road before all safety improvements are done. 

CABLE TV COMMITTEE:  Committee Chairman James Bowe reported on their 8/20/03 meeting.  There was no Comcast representative present.  The wiring of Newtown Business Commons will be completed by the end of fall.  The Committee will discuss the wiring of the Village of Newtown Shopping Center with Comcast.  They are working on a new cable ordinance and possible restructuring of the Committee.  They continue to look for an additional cable provider to create competition in the Township.  Newtown Borough residents are encouraged to apply for a Borough vacancy on the Committee. 

FINANCIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Mr. Pellegrino said the Committee met on 8/21/03 and discussed options for funding the Municipal Complex expansion.  An 8/22/03 memo from Finance Director Elaine Gibbs recommended locking in interest rates in anticipation of rising rates in the near future; however, it has been learned that this is not possible unless the Board has voted to authorize a bond issue.  

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE:  Mr. Pellegrino referred to his 8/26/03 memo, which includes a 7/14/03 report from the Township Planner.  The memo reports that the Economic Development Committee recommends that the Zoning Ordinance be amended regarding the LI and the O-LI Districts as follows: 

1.   To allow 75% of parking spaces to be 9 feet by 18 feet.  The remaining spaces must be 10 feet by 20 feet and should be located closest to the building’s main entrance.

2.   To increase the maximum permitted impervious surface ratio to 65% 

Mr. Pellegrino said the Committee would be considering recommendations for changes in the use regulations in the District at their next meeting.  He suggested that the Board take no action until all the recommendations can be included in one proposed ordinance.  The Board agreed with this suggestion. 

JOINT DOWNTOWN NEWTOWN CORPORATION (JDNC):  Mark Craig reported on the JDNC’s 8/21/03 meeting.  The Main Street Manager search committee has been formed, the JDNC met with DCED to discuss their submission, $10,000 has been raised for start-up funds, the JDNC is looking into directors’ insurance, an RFP was approved for maintenance of the website, a 100-year “vision map” is being developed, and surveys of businesses and shoppers are being conducted.   


ZONING HEARING BOARD:  Mr. Goodnoe moved to direct the Solicitor to research and draft an ordinance that will eliminate the prohibition against the Zoning Hearing Board hearing and ruling on a matter involving a structure in a floodplain.  Mr. Jirele seconded the motion. 

Discussion of motion:  Mr. Goodnoe said at a minimum he would like to see the Zoning Hearing Board be able to make decisions about public improvements like bridges and roads.

Frank Mendicino asked if this will be sent to the Planning Commission for review.  Mr. Sander said it will come to the Board first, and then be referred to the Commission. 

Mr. Goodnoe’s motion passed unanimously. 


Richard Tonge asked the Board to eliminate Project #1 (Stoopville Road improvements) from the TIP.  He also said Residents for Regional Traffic Solutions will be at TIP meetings at the Bucks County Planning Commission and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. 

Walter Iwaskiw said he feels the plan for the Municipal Complex expansion is to big and too expensive.  He suggested discussing use of reserve funds for this project now.  Mr. Iwaskiw suggested that the office space should be more flexible.  He also suggested using historic barns for storage of equipment.  He said a community center should not be funded by local taxpayers, and suggested the Township could sell another parcel of land to help pay for the expansion. 

Michael Schiller asked when the detour signs will be removed.  Mr. Harp said the Township will pursue that issue with PennDOT, but he could not say how long it will take. 

Joe Valenti suggested creating a citizen’s advisory committee for the expansion project.  He also said he heard that a water line was installed in the wrong place on Sycamore Street.  Mr. Harp said neither the Supervisors nor the Manager had any knowledge of this. 

Frank Mendicino said Mr. Bires has given much to the Township, and would like to see Mr. Jirele apologize to Mr. Bires.  Mr. Jirele responded that he criticized the decision to have a meeting at the Clark Nature Center without knowing who made the decision, and he did not attack anyone personally. 

Ethel Hibbs, a Township resident, asked that individuals refrain from personal attacks. 

Nancy Crescenzo said the Township should stay within the budget for Park and Recreation expenses.  She complained about the damage done to mature trees at the Woll Tract, and said development of this park was not supposed to begin until 2004. 

Ron Thornburg, a Township resident, said he is concerned about putting Stoopville Road improvements on the TIP.  He said he asked the Traffic Engineer at the Planning Commission meeting to include some traffic-calming measures in the proposal and received an unclear response. 

Mr. Goodnoe said the traffic-calming study being undertaken by Pennoni will include Stoopville Road.  He noted that TIP proposals can be amended, and he would not object to adding some language about traffic calming.



NEWTOWN FIRE ASSOCIATION:  Mr. Harp described several community events in which the Fire Company has participated recently, and invited residents to become volunteers with the Company. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE:  Mr. Harp said he has sent letters to some large national companies inviting them to consider Newtown as a business location.  He said the marketing tape being developed by the JDNC and the Economic Development Committee will also be helpful. 

BERNARD BIRES’ RESIGNATION:  Mr. Harp said he cannot accept Mr. Bires resignation tonight, and will try to change Mr. Bires’ mind. 

OTHER BOARD MEMBERS:  No items for this section. 


PLAN EXPIRATIONS:  Mr. Pellegrino said the Township has received an extension from the Village at Newtown South, and there are no other applications requiring the Board’s action tonight.

NEWSLETTER CORRECTION:  Mr. Pellegrino said the most recent issue of the Township newsletter incorrectly reported that Upper Silver Lake Road is closed temporarily.  It is closed permanently. 

INSURANCE CONTRACTS:  Mr. Pellegrino explained that Act 30 mandated a change in the police pension plan that requires the plan to pay 100% of an officer’s salary to his or her beneficiaries if the officer is killed while on duty.  The Township could choose to fund this, which would be very expensive, or to obtain insurance to cover this liability.  Mr. Pellegrino said he has researched insurance options and recommends contracting with the Municipal Employees Insurance Trust.  The insurance will cost about $8,100 a year, which can be funded entirely from the Pension Fund. 

Mr. Weaver moved to authorize participation in the Municipal Employees Insurance Trust.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele and passed unanimously. 


ZONING HEARING BOARD APPLICATIONS - 9/4/03:  Mr. Sander reviewed the three new applications scheduled for the 9/4/03 meeting of the Zoning Hearing Board.  Board members indicated they did not wish the Solicitor to represent them at the meeting. 


2003 BUCKS COUNTY TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM PROPOSALS:  Mr. Smith referred to the Planning Commission’s 8/21/03 letter, which recommends four projects for submission (see Mr. Fidler’s earlier Planning Commission report).   

Mr. Goodnoe said he would like clarification from the Planning Commission regarding whether traffic-calming measures can be included in Project #1.  Mr. Jirele said he would like clarification of the reference to “construction of a park” in Project #4.  Mr. Pellegrino said the previous version of this proposal included a reference to a “park and ride lot”, and this may be what is intended. 

Mr. Harp said the submission deadline is now 9/19/03, so the Board will ask the Planning Commission for clarification of the proposals and make a decision about the submission at the next meeting. 

PROGRESS PAYMENT #3 - NORTH DRIVE TRAFFIC SIGNAL:  Mr. Jirele moved to approve Progress Payment #3 in the amount of $9,296.00 for the North Drive traffic signal, as recommended by Mr. Smith’s 8/21/03 letter.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously. 

2003 ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS BIDS:  Mr. Smith referred to his 8/20/03 letter, which reported the results of bids for the 2003 Roadway Improvements contract.  Mr. Smith said that Pennoni originally estimated that the contract would cost approximately $283,000, including the alternate bid item for a pavement overlay on Pheasant Run Road.  He recommended that the contract be awarded to the lowest bidder, Associated Paving Contractors, although their bid for construction costs exceeded budgeted funds of $315,000 approximately $52,000.  Mr. Smith explained that two bid items, the widening of Wrights Road and the installation of an underdrain on Wrights Road, accounted for the difference. 

Mr. Goodnoe asked if the bids were higher than expected because it is late in the year.  Mr. Smith said the main factor was the difference in the estimated costs for the two items described above. 

Mr. Goodnoe said there was a 30% error in Pennoni’s estimate.  Mr. Pellegrino noted that the whole project can be funded by the Liquid Fuels account, including the difference between the estimate and the lowest bid. 

Mr. Smith said that if the Board wished to cut expenditures this year, Twining Bridge Road is the lowest priority and could wait until next year, saving just under $30,000.  He said the earliest the contractor can start is 9/8/03. 

Mr. Jirele moved to award the contract for the 2003 Roadway Improvements projects to Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. for a total amount not to exceed $367,785 (including the alternate bid for the pavement overlay fabric on Pheasant Run Road).  Mr. Weaver seconded the motion. 

Discussion of motion:  Mr. Goodnoe said he was disappointed in the 30% discrepancy between Pennoni’s estimate and the lowest bid.  He said there is not time to rebid the contract since the work should be done now, but the Township would get better prices earlier in the year.   

Nancy Crescenzo commented that the Township recently used Liquid Fuels funds to buy a truck that was not in the budget. 

Michael Iapalucci asked why there was a 30% error in Pennoni’s estimate.  Mr. Smith responded that the award is for a unit price, and the final cost may be more or less. 

Mr. Jirele suggested further negotiation with Associated Paving about their price for the underdrain.  Mr. Smith responded that the Township cannot negotiate with a bidder at this point, since the other bidders would then want the Township to renegotiate with them. 

Mr. Pellegrino suggested postponing this project until early next year and bidding it along with the 2004 Roadway Improvements, although he is concerned about the condition of Wrights Road.  He   stated doubling the size of the work to be done might eliminate some bidders and offer more competitive bidding.  If the Township wants to have just Wrights Road done this year the job will have to be rebid.  Mr. Goodnoe said the Public Works Department could patch up Wrights Road to get through the winter; he suggested asking Mr. Harwood to look into what can be done. 

Mr. Jirele and Mr. Weaver withdrew their motion. 

Mr. Goodnoe moved to reject the bids received for the 2003 Roadway Improvements Project.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele and passed unanimously. 

SIGNING - PLATINUM EXECUTIVE SUITES MYLARS:  Mr. Jirele moved to authorize the signing of the mylars for Platinum Executive Suites.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Weaver and passed unanimously. 

OLD BUSINESS:  No items for this section. 


PRELIMINARY PLAN FOR MINOR SUBDIVISION - D’ARCANGELO - WASHINGTON CROSSING ROAD - TMP# 29-10-13.1:  Engineer Robert Pelke was present to discuss the applicant’s plan to subdivide an 11.4 acre parcel in the CM District into two residential lots.  Mr. Pelke reviewed the 8/21/03 Planning Commission letter, which recommended approval with several conditions and with seven requested waivers granted. 

Mr. Pelke said there is a water line along Washington Crossing Road with which this subdivision can connect, thereby eliminating the need for the fourth easement.  Mr. Sander said that the Board can grant a waiver of the definition of “minor subdivision” if the easement remains on the plan. 

Mr. Pelke said that the Sun Oil Company has agreed to redo the blanket easement they have on the property, so the applicant will comply with Point III A 2 of the Pennoni review letter. 

In response to a question from Mr. Goodnoe, Mr. Pelke said that soil studies have been performed which indicates that the proposed on-site septic systems can be installed in the location indicated on the plan. 

Mr. Jirele expressed concern about the proposed driveway on Washington Crossing Road, as there is a hill nearby and the road often gets icy.  Mr. Pelke said the applicant considered a joint driveway, but the Planning Commission did not like it.  Mr. Sander said a neighbor raised the same concern at the Planning Commission meeting.  The applicant will have to prove adequate sight distance to the Township Engineer and to receive a permit from PennDOT.  Mr. Jirele asked if the applicant would consider redesigning the driveway.  Mr. Pelke said the applicant, Mr. D’Arcangelo, is currently out of town.  He agreed to grant an extension on the plan so that he can consult with the applicant about the driveway. 

Mr. Cote, a neighboring resident, asked the Board to advocate for a joint driveway for both lots on Linton Hill Road, as Washington Crossing Road is very hazardous.  Mr. Smith commented that a joint driveway might involve increased disturbance of woodlands. 


Nancy Crescenzo commented that the present Board of Supervisors has not treated businesses well. 

Walter Iwaskiew said Toll Brothers will begin working on the Hoffa Tract soon.  He asked the Board to monitor any blasting at the site.  He also commented that some municipalities have had a poor experience with planning a municipal office complex, and suggested that the Township think about furnishings as they plan the size and layout of their offices. 

Brandon Wind, a Township resident, asked if there will be public meetings on the Municipal Complex expansion project.  Mr. Harp said the Board will present a timeline for the project soon, perhaps at the next meeting.  Mr. Jirele suggested that copies of the proposed plans be available to the public before a public meeting. 

Mr. Wind asked for an update on the Heston barn.  Mr. Sander said the plan approval did not require the reconstruction of the Heston barn.  The timbers were found to be unsuitable for repairs to the Peter Taylor Farmstead barn, but they are stored safely.  Mr. Harp said the Heston barn may be reassembled somewhere else. 

Mr. Wind asked about the status of the RCN litigation.  Mr. Sander said there is federal and state litigation going on simultaneously.  In the federal case, a decision regarding the Township’s request to have the case dismissed is expected soon.   

Mr. Wind asked for an update on the Stockburger proposal.  Mr. Jirele said Mr. Stockburger made a presentation to the Planning Commission in May.  The Commission asked him to do some research, and he has not been back to them. 

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Mr. Harp said the Board will meet in executive session following adjournment of the public meeting. 

ADJOURNMENT:  With no objections the meeting was adjourned at 11:55 PM.


Respectfully Submitted:


Gretta Stone, Recording Secretary


Minutes Approved as submitted _______ as corrected _______



Scott R. Harp, Chairman



Anne Goren, Vice Chairman/Assistant Treasurer



Richard Weaver, Treasurer/Secretary



Thomas Jirele, Member


Raymond Goodnoe, Member