Newtown Township

Board of Supervisors 

Work Session Minutes

April 21, 2004

MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting May 12, 2004. MINUTES OF WORK SESSION OF 4/21/04: Mrs. Goren moved to approve the minutes of the 4/21/04 work session; the motion was seconded by Mr. Harp and passed unanimously.

Members Present: Richard Weaver, Chairman; Scott R. Harp, Vice Chairman; Anne Goren, Secretary/Treasurer; Tom Jirele and Raymond “Skip” Goodnoe, Members; Steve Harris, Solicitor; Robert M. Pellegrino, Township Manager; Gerald Smith, Engineer.

Also Present: Bill Wert, Parks & Recreation Director; David Felker, President of the Council Rock North Little League; Howard Lemonick, Vice-President of the CRNLL; Newtown residents including Nancy Crescenzo, Jim Kurtz, Ethel Hibbs, Jim McCrane, Dori McCrane, Michael Clancy, Walt Iwaskiw, Tony Lauro; Jon Schmidt, The Advance of Bucks County; Jennifer West, Bucks County Courier Times.

Call to Order: Chairman Weaver called the meeting to order at 8:20 PM.

Discuss Lights at Chandler Field

Mr. Weaver advised the residents and representatives from Council Rock North Little League that the Supervisors have agreed not to move ahead with lighting at Chandler Field and will develop the Woll Tract with lit fields.

Mr. Harp referred to a memo dated March 16, 2003 received from Mr. Felker, regarding the ability to move the lighting equipment to the Woll Tract once the park is complete. Mr. Felker advised the Supervisors on how the lights could be moved at a later date.

Mr. Felker also advised the Supervisors that in the spring of 2005 the CRNLL expects to have an additional 250 children playing. Mr. Felker discussed CRNLL paying for the lights, donating them to the Township and providing most of the maintenance. Mr. Felker also referred to the petition for lights at Chandler Field – 400 YES, 15 NO.

Mr. Jirele discussed his issues and concerns with the lights. He questioned how the lights would add more than 1 – 2 games per week. Mr. Felker explained how the league could add 4 – 5 games per week if they had lights.

Mr. McCrane discussed non-residents playing in the Township – no tax income. He also discussed the petition for lights, the effect of the lights on the community and the development of the Woll Tract.

Mr. Lemonick discussed the number of children from Newtown Grant that will be playing in the 2005 season. He explained that the CRNLL has fewer fields now than in past years. He advised that at this time children ages 9–11 are finishing their games in the dark. He also discussed safety issues, moving the lights in 3 – 4 years when the Woll Tract is complete and he feels Newtown residents would mainly use the facilities.

Ms. Crescenzo advised she admired CRNLL’s passion to provide the children of Newtown with a lit field. She also discussed her past experience with children involved in sports, people against the lights and advised her feelings regarding the subject of lighting at Chandler Field has not been well advertised.

Mr. Clancy referred to the children’s outlook regarding playing on a lit field.

Ms. Goren questioned Mr. Wert regarding the Woll Tract fields. Mr. Wert advised if the construction was to begin in 2005, the park could be up and running by the fall of 2006. Mr. Jirele referred to the budget. Mr. Pellegrino advised that the development of the Woll Tract could happen as follows: 2005 – Master Plan, 2006 – Construction, 2007 – Park Opens.

Mr. Felker discussed the repair work and fencing that Superior is doing at Helen Randle Park. He discussed possibly lighting Helen Randle Park. Mr. Harris advised that the subject of lighting Helen Randle Park would need to be publicly advertised before discussing.

The consensus of the BOS was not to have lights at Chandler Field. The supervisors discussed why they are against lights at Chandler Field. Mr. Harp offered possible alternatives and Ms. Goren stated she feels there is a need for more fields.

Mr. Felker asked the BOS about the possibility of lights at Helen Randle Park. The BOS advised that the local neighborhoods near Helen Randle Park would need to be advised before discussing further. Mr. Jirele, Ms. Goren, Mr. Weaver and Mr. Harp advised they would consider supporting lights at Helen Randle Park. Mr. Goodnoe advised he would not support lights at Helen Randle Park.

Mr. Felker asked the Supervisors to be more upfront in the future to prevent anyone from wasting their time. He thanked the Supervisors.

Swamp Road and South Eagle Road – Intersection Improvements

The Supervisors reviewed a memorandum regarding a revised engineering estimate for Swamp & South Eagle Road from Mr. Tomko to Mr. Smith of Pennoni. Mr. Smith and Mr. Pellegrino updated the Supervisors.

Mr. Jirele asked about the accident rate.

Ms. Goren asked who would be responsible for the cost.

Mr. Pellegrino asked the Supervisors if this item should be removed from the project list.

Ms. Goren suggested the Township contact the developer to see if they would contribute to the cost of the project.

Mr. Pellegrino would pursue options for funding, discuss the project with the developer and research the accident rate and would report back to the Supervisors.

Ms. Crescenzo expressed her concerns with the danger of the intersection. She suggested the Township conduct a traffic study.

Mr. Jirele questioned the Township Solicitor regarding the Township’s legal responsibility for the intersection. Mr. Harris explained the Township’s responsibility.

Mr. Goodnoe discussed the Sycamore Street Reconstruction Project and suggested adding traffic calming devices.

Speed Limit Recommendation for South Eagle Road

The Supervisors reviewed a memorandum from Chief Duffy, dated April 8, 2004 regarding a speed limit recommendation for South Eagle Road. Mr. Pellegrino updated the Supervisors.

Mr. Weaver asked Mr. Harris if the Township could regulate the speed limit on South Eagle Road. Mr. Harris stated the speed limit could be regulated.

The Supervisors agreed the speed limit should be 35 mph. Mr. Goodnoe made a motion to have the Township Solicitor draft an Ordinance designating a 35 mph speed limit on South Eagle Road. The motion was seconded by Mr. Jirele and passed unanimously.

Mr. Iwaskiw expressed concerns with a 35 mph speed limit on South Eagle Road. He suggested the Supervisors try to drive South Eagle Road at that speed.

Municipal Complex Expansion

Mr. Weaver updated the Supervisors.

Mr. Weaver asked the other Supervisors how they feel about allowing Mr. Pellegrino to speak with Donovan to discuss scaling back the proposed configuration of the new municipal complex. Mr. Harp advised he is for allowing Mr. Pellegrino to speak with Donovan. Mr. Goodnoe advised he feels the BOS needs to make decisions regarding the Township’s vision before discussing further with Donovan. Mr. Goodnoe also questioned the size of the proposed building. Ms. Goren advised she is for allowing Mr. Pellegrino to speak with Donovan. Mr. Jirele advised he feels the Supervisors need to give Mr. Pellegrino specific direction regarding what the Township needs in a municipal complex before allowing Mr. Pellegrino to speak with Donovan.

Mr. Goodnoe questioned the Township’s employee numbers regarding build out. Mr. Pellegrino advised.

Mr. Goodnoe requested information regarding space allotment for employees. Mr. Pellegrino will provide.

Mr. Jirele discussed scaling down the proposed plan for the new municipal complex.

Mr. Goodnoe requested a topographic survey of the property. Mr. Pellegrino will provide.

Mr. Weaver advised the other Supervisors regarding his and Mr. Pellegrino’s visits to six local municipalities. Mr. Goodnoe questioned the numbers and sizes of the their meeting rooms. Mr. Pellegrino advised.

Mr. Jirele advised the Supervisors need to discuss the matter further to make decisions regarding the size of the complex and what needs to be cut from the current proposed plan.

The Supervisors discussed past discussions regarding the proposed municipal complex.

Mr. Pellegrino advised the Supervisors he would provide them with information regarding the standard allotted space for an employee per other local municipalities and the corporate world. He will also provide the number of employees the Township expects at full build out.

Ms. Crescenzo questioned when Mr. Pellegrino would give a presentation regarding the new municipal complex. She felt the presentation should happen at a televised meeting. Mr. Weaver advised once the Supervisors have made a decision a public presentation would be made. The Supervisors discussed past presentations Donovan has made regarding the proposed municipal complex.

Mr. McCrane commented regarding the proposed new municipal complex, the Township’s full build out and the space allotted to an employee.

Mr. Iwaskiw expressed his feelings regarding the currently proposed municipal complex. He discussed space allotment per employees in the corporate world. He suggested the Supervisors set standards before developing another plan.

Other Business

Mrs. McCrane commented regarding lighting the Woll Tract.

Ms. Crescenzo questioned when the BOS would have a televised discussion regarding the proposed municipal complex.

Mr. McCrane thanked the BOS for recent correspondence.

Mr. Pellegrino advised the Supervisors that Emergency Services has completely moved out of the schoolhouse. The Codes department is in the process of moving back into the schoolhouse and the mobile office will be leaving. He advised the Supervisors that he would need to rent storage space to store records.

Mr. Pellegrino advised the Supervisors that he and Mr. Smith have met with the Master Board of Newtown Grant to discuss a flashing pedestrian crossing at Hemlock and Stoopville Roads. He advised the Supervisors on the Master Board’s response. The Master Board will confirm in writing.

Mr. Jirele commented regarding the meeting night. Ms. Goren advised she cannot attend the Monday night work session, she would like to change the work session meeting night to the third Wednesday of the month. Mr. Goodnoe advised he would prefer to continue meeting on the third Monday of the month. Mr. Harp advised he would be open to changing the meeting night. Mr. Jirele questioned if the room is available on the third Wednesday of the month, he advised he would prefer to continue meeting on the third Monday of the month. As of now the Supervisors will continue to meet the third Monday of the month to conduct the work sessions. Ms. Goren requested Mr. Pellegrino to review the room’s availability. Mr. Weaver will advise.

Mr. Weaver thanked the public for their input and attending the meeting.


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 10:21 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Christy Holley, Recording Secretary