Newtown Township

Board of Supervisor Minutes

November 16, 2005

MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting December 14, 2005. MINUTES OF 12/14/05 REGULAR MEETING: Mr. Harp moved to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November16, 2005. Mr. Jirele seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 in the Township meeting room at 8:00 PM. In attendance were Supervisors: Chairman Richard Weaver, Vice-Chairman Scott R. Harp, Secretary/Treasurer Anne Goren, and Members Raymond Goodnoe and Thomas Jirele. Also present were: Stephen Harris, Township Solicitor; Chris Walker, Township Engineer; and Robert Pellegrino, Township Manager.

Call to Order: Chairman Richard Weaver called the regular meeting to order at 8:00 PM with a moment of silence.

Invocation: The invocation was given by Reverend Sandra Reed of St. Mark’s AME Zion Church. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Additions and Changes to the Agenda: Mr. Pellegrino reported that the Firefighters Trading Card Contest deadline had been extended. There would be no reports from the Sycamore Street Committee or the Planning Commission; the Coates PRD Variance would be continued. There have been three additions to the Engineers Report: signing of Mylars for Teletronics, Inc., signing of Mylars for Matt Mount, and escrow release for Stroupe/Murphy.

Special Actions

Goodnoe Family Restaurant – 50th Anniversary: Mr. Weaver presented a plaque to Skip Goodnoe, commemorating Goodnoe Family Restaurant’s 50th Anniversary. Mr. Weaver thanked Mr. Goodnoe for his family’s dedication to the Township and many contributions to the community on behalf of the Township Board of Supervisors, staff and residents.

Mr. Goodnoe thanked Mr. Weaver and the Board for this honor. He said that he is very proud to have served the community for 50 years and looks forward to a continued partnership with the Township.

Minutes, Bills Lists and Reports

Minutes: Mrs. Goren noted that the last sentence of the last page of the minutes of October 26, 2005 should read, “…the delay of the light synchronization…”

Mr. Jirele moved to accept the minutes of October 26, 2005 as corrected. Mr. Goodnoe seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Bills List: Mrs. Goren moved to approve bills totaling $595,113.69. Mr. Harp seconded.

Discussion of motion: resident Nancy Crescenzo questioned the Nextel bill.

Mr. Pellegrino said that the bill includes 45 to 50 cell phones. There are seventy full time employees.

Mr. Goodnoe asked about an engineering bill of $3800 for the LSAC property.

Mr. Pellegrino explained that there had been some complaints of drainage problems on a neighboring property that was thought to have come from the LSAC property and a fix was designed this past spring. It was discovered that LSAC was not the cause of the problem and has not agreed to pay for the fix.

The motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Goren moved to approve interfund transfers totaling $160,408.99. Mr. Harp seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Reports of Committees, Boards and Commissions

JDNC: Main Streets Manager Chris Ortwein reported that the Design Committee has awarded $11,920 in façade grants to 107 North Sycamore Street for masonry work, windows and siding; to 127 South Sycamore Street for windows and painting; to 123 North Sycamore Street for signage, and to a State Street, Newtown Borough building for repainting. All Township projects were approved by HARB. Ms. Ortwein provided copies of the new Design Challenge Grant brochure and application. The visionary map is almost complete, and a list for 2006 projects is being prioritized. The November “AHA Friday” themed “Spirit in Motion”, held on Sycamore Street, was very successful. A Main Street Milestone was presented to Goodnoe Family Restaurant for its 50th anniversary, and to Freestyle Salon for its 20th anniversary. The December “AHA Friday” theme will be a holiday preview. An e-mail newsletter, featuring all of the holiday promotions, is now being sent to those on the mailing list. To be added to the list, check the Web site, JDNC’s annual report is available on this site. JDNC is now working with the Advance on a “Destination Newtown” with a map insert, featuring Sycamore Street businesses. Ms. Ortwein thanked Mr. Weaver for hosting JDNC on the “Let’s Talk” television show.

Mr. Harp referred to the annual report and questioned why the Township has received only 20% of the façade grants, and whether efforts are being made to keep Township business owners aware of the availability of the grants.

Ms. Ortwein said that because of the different density of the buildings on Sycamore Street there would be fewer applicants. JDNC continues to work with HARB to make business owners aware that grants are available for proposed improvements, and she expects to see more applications once the streetscape project is complete. In response to Mr. Harp’s request, Ms. Ortwein said that she would make a quarterly spreadsheet of grant applications available to him.

Historic Architectural Review Board

Vincent A. Lombardi - 123 N. Sycamore Street: Mr. Jirele moved to approve the certificate of appropriateness for Vincent A. Lombardi, tax map parcel 29-12-11,for a stone front, roof shingles, metal roof, wood trim and rear stucco. Mrs. Goren seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Ethel Hibbs, Secretary of HARB, reported that Mike Imperial, the Township Building Inspector, is working with HARB to coordinate grant applications for the JDNC Design Challenge grant.

Land Development Projects

Conditional Use – Homewood Suites (Cameron C. Troilo) – 104 Pheasant Run

Attorney Don Marshall represented the applicant.

Cameron C. Troilo, Jr. was sworn in.

Mr. Marshall said that the applicant is seeking approval to remove approximately 2,000 cubic yards of topsoil for renovation of an existing vacant industrial building and to construct a 100,000 square-foot executive inn/conference center. The applicant agrees to comply with the Boucher and James letter of November 1, 2005, and to give the Township advance notice of the soil removal and to make the soil available to the Township for its use.

Mr. Troilo affirmed Mr. Marshall’s statements.

Mr. Goodnoe moved to grant conditional use approval for removal of 2,000 cubic yards of topsoil from 104 Pheasant Run, with the conditions that:

Mr. Harp seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

PRD Variance – Thomas Coates – 12 Pinetree Court: At the request of the applicant, Mr. Harp moved to continue the application of Thomas Coates for a PRD Variance to December 14, 2005. Mr. Goodnoe seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Continuation of Conditional Use Hearing for K. Hovnanian’s Four Seasons @ Newtown – Buck Road and Newtown By-Pass

Mr. Harris noted the time as 8:36 PM.

Mr. Jonas entered as exhibit A- 23, a site plan for Brightfield II dated March 1, 1990, last revision dated November 5, 1990.

Mr. Michael Stadulis was sworn in.

In response to Mr. Jonas’ questions, Mr. Stadulis said that he is a landscape architect and Director of Land Development for K. Hovnanian. He said that “Four Seasons” is an active adult community of K. Hovnanian PA, LLC. He identified Exhibits A-12, A-13, and A-14 as deeds and agreements of sale for the property on York Lane that is the subject of this application. He has been present at all previous hearings of this application. The proposal is for 44 single-family, age-restricted houses on 19 acres, fee simple lots and private streets. He identified Exhibit A-6 as a building elevation for the Four Seasons development, featuring first floor master bedroom. There is to be a package offered to residents for different levels of exterior maintenance, including lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal. He identified Exhibit A-5, a sample declaration of age restriction, which is shown to potential buyers. This declaration states that sales are limited to one resident per household 55 years of age or over in 80% of the houses, with the remaining 20% permitted to be sold to residents over the age of 42. There are some provisions for children 19 and over, and some exceptions for visiting grandchildren. There are no income restrictions, as purchasers are mortgage qualified.

Mr. Clemons objected to Mr. Stadulis’ testimony on features for the elderly.

Mr. Harris said that Mr. Stadulis would testify as director of land development.

Mr. Stadulis said that the features for the elderly include the first floor master bedroom, the exterior amenity package, nature trail through open space with tree identification, sidewalks and lawn bowling/bocce courts. Benefits analysis has revealed a need for this “move down” housing for an aging population. There is a positive impact on the tax base, as these residents do not send children to public schools. The plan is sensitive to the natural features of the property, has a cluster plan, and generates less traffic than other permitted uses.

In response to Mr. Clemons’ questions, Mr. Stadulis said that he is familiar with JMZO Section 803(B)(17). He said that K. Hovnanian would stipulate to restriction to 100% of residents aged 55 or over, as required by JMZO Section 803(B)(17)(1). The suggested declaration in Exhibit A-5 is in compliance with the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In response to Mr. Clemons’ questions, Mr. Stadulis said that as Director of Land Development for K. Hovnanian he has worked on age-restricted developments that have provided places for residents to assemble, but these have been larger communities. There are no elderly specific amenities other than those mentioned previously: the sidewalks/walking trail, lawn bowling/bocce, first floor master bedroom, and exterior maintenance package. He does not know the specifics of whether there are commercial or professional services within walking distance to the development.

In response to Mr. Jonas’ questions, Mr. Stadulis said that JMZO Section 803(B)(17) does not specify the number or type of features and facilities for the elderly that must be provided, nor does it set standards for these facilities and features. These features and facilities are not restricted to the elderly.

Mr. Goodnoe asked about the chain of ownership for the entire 19 acres, as Exhibits A-12 and A-13 reference 81 acres and 9.9 acres.

At Mr. Harris’ suggestion, Mr. Jonas deferred his response until further research could produce the needed documentation.

Mr. Kenneth Amey was sworn in.

Mr. Amey said that he is a Planning Consultant with a Bachelors Degree from Temple University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. His specialties are land planning, zoning, subdivision and land development, fiscal analysis and code administration. He has worked as a code enforcement officer, zoning officer and code consultant in a number of municipalities, including Hatfield Township, Plymouth Township, Gwynedd Township and Upper Dublin Township. He has also worked in the private sector as a planner and project manager. He has been accepted as an expert witness in many municipalities in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Lehigh and Carbon Counties and in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

Mr. Jonas offered Mr. Amey’s Curriculum Vitae as Exhibit A-24.

In response to Mr. Clemons’ question, Mr. Amey said that he has worked on some age-qualified housing.

Mr. Amey was accepted as an expert witness.

In response to Mr. Jonas’ questions, Mr. Amey said that he has been retained by K. Hovnanian to evaluate the plan and to review the application and the testimony given. He has visited the site and surrounding property and reviewed the Township Ordinance. If the conditional use application is successful, then a plan would be submitted and reviewed for compliance with SLDO. He has reviewed JMZO Section 803(B)(17), elderly housing, a permitted use in the R-2 zoning district. He has reviewed the four criteria for elderly housing. The residents must be age qualified, which K. Hovnanian has agreed to comply. There must be ready access by sidewalk to commercial and professional services; a sidewalk along Buck Road from York Lane will connect this development to Newtown Crossing’s sidewalk system. The design and dimensions are still in sketch stage. The parking must be 1.5 spaces per unit; the plans show in excess of this number of parking spaces.

Mr. Amey said that he has reviewed Section 1301(B), the general conditions for conditional use approval. He noted that the comprehensive plan does not specifically identify this property for elderly housing, but for high density. The development must result in an improvement, not a detriment to the surrounding properties. This development’s neighbors are a synagogue, a church, and Newtown Crossing, a similarly dense residential community. The use is suitable for the property, as it respects the natural features and preserves much of the wooded area. The plan has not been fully engineered yet, but the sketch plan shows compliance with JMZO and the intent is to comply with SLDO. Regarding suitability to highway safety, Mr. Amey said that he has relied on traffic engineers’ opinions.

In response to Mr. Clemons’ questions, Mr. Amey said that he has not been involved with this project from the beginning, but has been brought in to evaluate compliance with the Ordinance. He has reviewed Section 803(B)(17)(1). He has seen other developments, larger in size, that have offered more amenities, but the amenities offered in this small community are adequate. He has worked on two other age-qualified communities of a similar size, which have also provided exterior maintenance packages and walking trails only. One of these communities was located a few hundred feet from the main street of Trappe Borough; the other was in a rural section of Perkiomen, not within walking distance of any commercial or professional services.

Mr. Clemons entered as Exhibit T-1 a Township Zoning Map.

Referring to Exhibit T-1, Mr. Clemons asked Mr. Amey to point to the nearest commercial or professional services.

Mr. Amey located some of the commercial areas on the map. He agreed that there is no pedestrian crossing of Newtown By-Pass at Buck Road. It would be a long walk on foot to any commercial or professional facilities. He noted that Section 803(B)(17)(2) does not define or qualify what ready access means. The dictionary definition says prepared for immediate use. The Ordinance gives no distance. There is walking access by a sidewalk to be installed on Buck Road connecting with the Newtown Crossing sidewalks, through that development. The distance is estimated at 2.5 miles. Mr. Amey said that he does not know if there are sidewalks on Richboro Road or if it is possible to walk on sidewalks to the Village at Newtown Shopping Center. He did not think that the residents of the proposed community would walk to the stores.

Mr. Clemons referred Mr. Amey to Section 1301(B)(4) and asked if the plans would comply, as the sketch submitted has a cul-de-sac that is excessive in length.

Mr. Amey said that the plan does not comply with the maximum length of cul-de-sac requirement, however this is a frequently granted waiver in Newtown Township.

In response to Mr. Clemons’ question, Mr. Amey said that Mr. Stadulis has agreed to comply with Section 803(B)(17) regarding age-restrictions, although it does not comply with the Fair Housing Act.

In response to Mr. Jonas questions, Mr. Amey said that the B-17 elderly housing use does not specify the number of features that must be offered, nor does it say that these amenities must be exclusively for use by the elderly. It does not require that such features be recreational. The first floor master bedroom and maintenance packages qualify as meeting the needs and interests of the elderly. There are no distances given for ready walking access. Mr. Amey did agree with Mr. Clemons, that few residents would walk the 2.5 mile distance to the nearest shopping areas.

The parties against the application had no questions for Mr. Stadulis.

Mrs. Golden said that she did not think there would be room for a sidewalk along Buck Road to Newtown Crossing.

Mr. Harris reminded Mrs. Golden that she could only ask questions of Mr. Amey. She could not make statements or speeches at this time.

In response to Mrs. Golden’s question, Mr. Amey said that he did not know whether a report had been prepared with information about the proposed sidewalk’s location. He did not know when the engineer looked at this, although he is aware that there is a right-of-way. He has not evaluated this himself but has relied on the engineer’s information.

Mr. Jonas moved to have Exhibits A-1 through A-24 accepted.

Mr. Harris suggested that Mr. Clemons and Mr. Jonas discuss the acceptance of exhibits and this would then be addressed at the next hearing. He noted that the time was 9:56 PM.

Mr. Jirele suggested that the Board hold a special meeting to finish this application.

Mr. Goodnoe moved to continue the application of K. Hovnanian’s Four Seasons to Monday, December 5, 2005 at 8:00 PM. Mr. Jirele seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Member Comments

Mr. Weaver congratulated Mr. Calabro and Mr. Shenkman on their election to the Board of Supervisors and said that he looks forward to working with them.

Mr. Harp commended First National Bank of Newtown for its contribution of a new scoreboard to the Council Rock North High School football team. He also said that the “Wee Care Bear” program is attempting to adopt a community or school in the areas of the country devastated by hurricanes.

Mr. Jirele said that the November 23 meeting of the Board of Supervisors is canceled.

Community Comments

Mrs. Crescenzo referred to minutes of a Park and Recreation Board meeting in 2004 at which a community member mentioned that some players have been injured on the fields at Helen Randle Park. She said that she had brought this up at the budget meeting when park maintenance was discussed. She also questioned why there are currently temporary lights on the fields behind Staples, when they had not been allowed at Helen Randle Park last year because that park closes at dusk. She did not think that all teams in all sports have been treated fairly. She also said that there have been complaints to her about light spillage from the lights at the field behind Staples. She read from the Community section of the Bucks County Courier Times a listing of activities for senior citizens in other municipalities in the County and noted that there were no senior activities listed for Newtown Township. She also read from that same issue of the paper that Churchville Nature Center has a volunteer program and that Newtown should have a similar program for “Friends of the Clark Nature Center”. Also from the Courier Times, Mrs. Crescenzo read a 2003 article, which reported on the Township’s methods for making appointments to committees, boards and commissions.

Resident Jay Sensibaugh asked if there had been any updated information of the LSAC light issue.

Mr. Pellegrino said that LSAC has purchased a second light fixture and it is also being tested. The residents whose homes back onto LSAC will choose a fixture to be installed throughout the parking lot. The police department has provided the Newtown Gate Homeowners Association with information about its safety and security concerns.

Resident Jen Dix said that the plans for Newtown Corporate Center should have been disclosed to purchasers of houses in Wiltshire Walk. She said that the plans should not have included the use of a residential road for access to the Corporate Center. She displayed an aerial photograph with a portion of the Brandywine property outlined, and said that the property is surrounded on three sides by residential properties.

Mr. Jirele explained that the Brandywine property extends to the Newtown By-Pass, and the lower portion of the property, not included in Ms. Dix’s outline, is surrounded by offices.

Resident Kim Caputo said that her home, at 353 Eagle Road, does not front onto Eagle Road, but is accessed by a lane. That lane is now being used as a staging area for construction of another property that will also access Eagle Road by the lane. The construction vehicles and equipment have blocked her access to Eagle Road. The lane has been damaged, and is mud filled. Her children are unable to walk on the lane to get to the school bus. No silt fence has been erected to prevent mud from sliding onto the access lane. She also said that on the other side of her property, a neighbor has built a bridge that has changed the topography of her property, and she is now experiencing problems with run-off. She has spoken to someone in the code inspector’s office but the inspector himself has not come out, or returned her phone calls.

Mr. Walker said that he would look into this problem and attempt to resolve it for Mrs. Caputo first thing in the morning.

Resident Rick Abramson said that as a member of the Council Rock School Board he would like to thank Mr. Harp and Mr. Goodnoe for the relationship they have fostered with the District during their time on the Board of Supervisors. He particularly thanked Mr. Goodnoe for his partnership with the District on the Chancellor Street Center and Roberts Ridge.

Reports of Officials


Plan Expirations: none

Resolution Authorizing Amendment of Dependent Care Assistance Program: Mr. Harp moved to authorize an amendment of the dependent care assistance program. Mr. Jirele seconded.

Discussion of Motion: In response to Mrs. Goren’s question, Mr. Pellegrino said that there would be no additional cost to the Township. This affects the way that employees make claims for dependent care. It is required to conform to changes in the tax code.

The motion passed unanimously.

Resolution Authorizing Amendment of the Un-Reimbursed Medical Plan: Mrs. Goren moved to authorize an amendment of the un-reimbursed medical plan. Mr. Harp seconded.

Discussion of Motion: In response to Mr. Jirele’s question, Mr. Pellegrino said that the second modification labeled “I” is not part of the resolution, but part of the guidelines.

The motion passed unanimously.

Resolution Authorizing the Bucks County Hazard Mitigation Plan: Mr. Pellegrino explained that this would allow the Township to be represented in the County Hazard Mitigation Plan, rather than preparing an individual plan for the Township alone.

Mrs. Goren moved to authorize participation in the Bucks County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Mr. Harp seconded.

Discussion of Motion: Mrs. Crescenzo asked what this means.

Mr. Pellegrino explained that a hazard mitigation plan must be prepared for participation in technical assistance from PEMA and FEMA in the event of an emergency. This resolution would allow the County to include Newtown Township in the plan. It is not in the budget because it has nothing to do with the budget.

Mr. Goodnoe said that it would allow the Township to adopt the County plan rather than prepare our own. The County has not prepared a plan yet; this authorizes the County to include Newtown.

The motion passed unanimously.

Adoption of Preliminary Budget: Mr. Pellegrino said that by adopting the preliminary budget, it could be made available for the public to inspect.

Mr. Harp moved to adopt the preliminary budget for 2006. Mrs. Goren seconded.

Discussion of Motion: Mrs. Goren said that by voting to adopt the budget it is made available for public comment and input. This is not the final budget and changes can be made to it.

Mr. Goodnoe said that in adopting this preliminary budget the Board is giving its approval of it. He said that the revenue projections are too optimistic, and the budget involves an increased tax and registration of contractors. There is also a proposal that would involve the Township in private sales.

Mr. Jirele expressed agreement about the proposed fire inspections as an intrusion on a private business. He also did not see the need for a paid naturalist. He said that the capital expenditures need to be more carefully scrutinized and projects prioritized to get the Woll tract project completed. While he agreed that income projections seem optimistic, he said that he thought Mr. Pellegrino and Mrs. Gibbs have done a good job. While he would like the Board to look for ways to save money, he is in support of this budget.

Mr. Harp said that there is no real estate tax increase and the residential inspections are in place in many other municipalities within the County. He disagreed with Mr. Jirele’s comment about the naturalist, who does an excellent job every day. He is in support of this budget.

Mr. Goodnoe said that in the mid-1990’s the Board began evaluating expenditures and working on the next year’s budget in August. Now the Board is presented with a budget only two weeks before it must be voted on. There is not enough time to look it over and make recommendations.

Resident Mike Iapalucci asked how the proposed fire inspection would be enacted.

Mr. Pellegrino explained that an ordinance would be advertised and voted at a public meeting. The cost of the inspection would be $100, and would not involve a re-inspection, or re-inspection fee.

In response to Mr. Iapalucci’s question, Mr. Harris said that the Township is protected from lawsuits because of sovereign immunity. There is also a liability insurance policy in place. He said that lawsuits are not an issue of concern. The program would determine such things are whether smoke detectors are operating, whether the oil tank is connected according to code. The goal here should be making the Township safer.

In response to Mr. Iapalucci’s further questions, Mr. Pellegrino said that the inspectors are certified under the Department of Labor and Industry. Those conducting the inspections are already on the payroll; no new employees would be required. It would be up to the Board to decide whether sidewalks are included in the inspection.

Mr. Iapalucci asked if there are already inspectors on the payroll, why aren’t these inspections done for free. If there are enough workers to conduct the inspections, do we have too many workers on the payroll? He expressed concern that this could be a serious problem to sellers.

Mr. Pellegrino said that the Township is required to have a certain number of firefighters on duty. The Fire Marshal has recommended enacting this program, and has determined that his current personnel would be able to complete the inspections.

Mr. Jirele agreed with Mr. Iapalucci that the inspections could create problems, especially for older homes built before the current building code.

In response to Mr. Iapalucci’s question, Mr. Harris said that the vote on the budget could not be postponed but the fire inspection ordinance could be postponed.

Resident Nancy Crescenzo said that when the 2005 budget was presented there was a transfer to the general fund of moneys no longer needed for debt service. At that time she said that she asked that the money be returned to the taxpayers. She noted that in 2002 it had been suggested that money be saved toward the municipal complex expansion, and that had not been done. She said that if the firefighters are doing nothing, they should perform home inspections for free. She complained that department heads did not make presentations, as had been done in the past, and that there is not open public access to the budget.

The motion passed 4-1, with Mr. Goodnoe voting nay.


Zoning Hearing Board Applications: Mr. Harris reviewed three Zoning Hearing Board applications. He noted that the Planning Commission expressed concern about setting a precedent in the application for drama lessons in a barn in the Brookside development.

In response to Mrs. Goren’s questions, Mr. Pellegrino said that the Homeowners Association has allowed the drama lessons, which have been taking place. When someone complained, they applied for a variance.

The Board made no comment on the applications.

Engineer’s Report

Escrow Release Number 4 – Newtown Industrial Commons Lot 21: Mrs. Goren moved to authorize escrow release number 4, Newtown Industrial Commons, lot 21, in the amount of $34,105.05. Mr. Harp seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Escrow Release Number 6 – Newtown Office Park: Mr. Harp moved to authorize escrow release number 6 for Newtown Office Park in the amount of $210,330.75. Mrs. Goren seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Signing of Mylars and Improvement Agreement – Teletronics, Inc. Mr. Harp moved to authorize the signing of Mylars and Improvement Agreement for Teletronics, Inc. Mrs. Goren seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Signing of Mylars – Matt Mount – Mr. Jirele moved to authorize the signing of Mylars for Matt Mount. Mr. Goodnoe seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Escrow Release, Final – Stroupe/Murphy: Mrs. Goren moved to authorize the final escrow release for Stroupe/Murphy in the amount of $52,133.20. A maintenance bond in the amount of $7,136.00 should be provided. Mr. Harp seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

New Business

Mr. Jirele reported that HARB has had difficulty meeting a quorum, and that one member has not attended meetings or responded to telephone inquiries. He asked what the procedure would be to remove someone and appoint a new member.

Mr. Harris said that he would look into this matter and report to Mr. Pellegrino. The HARB appointment is a three-year commitment.

Mr. Goodnoe asked that the Fire Marshal provide information on the costs associated with the proposed fire inspection.

Community Comments

Mrs. Crescenzo said that she agrees with Mr. Jirele that there should not be a paid naturalist on staff.

Mr. Harp responded that the paid naturalist is a good investment.

Mrs. Crescenzo referred to a 2002 letter regarding a number of issues including the naming of Helen Randle Park, the parking plans for the Clark Nature Center and safety at the Clark Nature Center. She complained about the naming of Clark Nature Center, about the fences around the gardens and the decision to fence the rhododendrons this year, instead of years ago.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 AM.


Respectfully Submitted: ____________________________________
                                          Mary Donaldson,  Recording Secretary


Minutes Approved as submitted __________ as corrected___________


Attest: _________________________                                                         ___________________________
           Robert M. Pellegrino, Manager                                                            Richard Weaver, Chairman


                                                                                                                        Scott R. Harp, Vice-Chairman


                                                                                                                        Anne Goren, Secretary/Treasurer


                                                                                                                        Thomas Jirele, Member


                                                                                                                        Raymond Goodnoe, Member