Newtown Township

Board of Supervisors Work Session

Minutes of March 16, 2009


Members present: Tom Jirele, Chairman; Michael Gallagher, Secretary/Treasurer; Jerry Schenkman, Member; Phil Calabro, Member; Jeffrey Garton, Solicitor; Michele Fountain, Engineer and Joseph Czajkowski, Township Manager. Not present was Robert Ciervo, Vice Chairman.

Also Present: John Boyle, Assistant Township Manager; Eric Kaufman, Gilmore & Associates, Inc.; Various Newtown residents including Jim Ott, Rosemary Wuenschel, Jay Sensibaugh and Bill Sterling.

Call to Order: Chairman Jirele called the meeting to order at 7:33 P.M.

Community Comments


Lockheed Martin Discussion

Mr. Czajkowski updated the Supervisors with regards to Lockheed Martin’s request. He advised that they are expanding their facility and would like to use Township parkland to access the site. They are willing to make a donation to the Township. The Supervisors agreed to authorize a temporary construction easement.

Signage and Illegal Signage Discussion

Chairman Jirele updated the other Supervisors on his concerns with regards to illegal signage.

Supervisor Schenkman commented that currently he has no problem with the signs, but suggested creating a sign standard for what is acceptable.

The Supervisors discussed locale businesses misusing signs, removing signs that do not have the proper permits and enforcing the current sign regulations.

Supervisor Gallagher commented on the Bucks County Commercial Real Estate sign along the bypass. Mr. Czajkowski advised that sign is being looked into.

Supervisor Calabro commented on real estate signs being rather large and questioned if the Township has a standard for real estate signs.

Supervisor Schenkman suggested taking photographs of the problem signs.

Chairman Jirele offered various problem locations within the Township.

The Supervisors agreed that the matter should be monitored and that businesses of problem signs should be contacted.

Mr. Sterling commented with regards to the political signs.

Mr. Ott commented with regards to signs being a problem during the mowing season.

Stoopville Road Discussion

Mr. Kaufman updated the Supervisors with regards to Stoopville Road. He advised that the multi way stop located at Stoopville and Linton Hill Roads is warranted and that the crosswalks located at the flasher is okay with PennDot.

Mr. Czajkowski questioned Mr. Ott’s concerns with regards to the media and drainage. Mr. Kaufman reported that the current concept plan is based on information from four (4) years ago. He discussed the survey and advised that Gilmore is looking into the drainage, swails and wetlands.

Supervisor Schenkman questioned if there has been any discussion with residents while the survey is being conducted. Mr. Kaufman advised that he was unaware of any discussions taking place.

Supervisor Gallagher questioned if the Township should hold an open session for residents, before the plan is finalized.

The Supervisors discussed the timeframe for submitting the project.

Supervisor Gallagher suggested that the Township send correspondence to residents and Home Owner Associations along Stoopville Road.

The Supervisors discussed the need for getting input from the residents before plan becomes final.

The Supervisors discussed having a meeting for residents on March 31, 2009 and the plan reviewed that evening being as accurate as possible.

Mr. Sensibaugh commented on the island proposed in front of Mr. Ott’s property. Supervisors’ Jirele and Schenkman advised that the current plan is only in the concept stage.

Mr. Ott commented on the email he sent to the Supervisors and his concerns. The Supervisors discussed Mr. Ott’s concerns. Mr. Kaufman reported that the plan currently being reviewed is only a concept for presentation use and that the design plans are still being worked on.

Chairman Jirele commented on needing input from the residents and the promises made by past Boards.

Mr. Ott suggested installing guide rails and reflectors. Mr. Kaufman advised that it is intended to install reflectors down the centerline.

Supervisor Schenkman commented on the spur located at Rt. 532 and Stoopville Road. Mr. Kaufman advised that matter is still an open item and a concern to Gilmore. He advised on comments from Lower and Upper Makefields.

Mr. Czajkowski advised that the spur is located in Upper Makefield and that the municipalities involved are waiting to hear from PennDot before making a decision regarding the spur.

Supervisor Schenkman reported that he has safety concerns with regards to the spur.

Supervisor Calabro suggested that the spur be closed. He also commented on his safety concerns.

The Board agreed that if the spur remains, some type of traffic calming would need to happen within that area.

The Supervisors agreed to have a public meeting on March 31, 2009. The Township would advertise the meeting and send correspondence to residents and Home Owner Associations located along Stoopville Road.

The Supervisors discussed needing to know where Penn Dot stands with regards to the spur.

Mr. Kaufman advised that Gilmore & Associates, Inc. would design the plan with and without the spur.

Mr. Sensibaugh commented on a meeting that he attended in Lower Makefield with regards to the intersection of Stoopville Road and Rt. 532 and his suggestion to install a turning lane. He discussed traffic cueing.

Mr. Kaufman reported that he would look into installing a right turn only lane from Stoopville Road onto Rt. 532.

Old Business

New Business

Supervisor Gallagher commented on EAC correspondence from Aliya Aslam with regards to cool cities and energy star partnership program. He advised on his response to the EAC and suggested working with the EAC to develop standards. He advised that he would forward her email to the other Supervisors.

The Supervisors discussed cool cities and the mayor’s agreement.

Supervisor Schenkman commented with regards to LEEDS certification and energy star. He feels working with the EAC would benefit the Township.

Chairman Jirele suggested that when the Township is replacing vehicles, they should look into energy sufficient vehicles.

The Supervisors discussed the EAC evaluating the Township’s energy consumption.

Mr. Czajkowski reported that the EAC would do an energy audit.

Ms. Wuenschel commented on money available for municipalities through the stimulus package and state to do some energy efficiency and that is being researched.

The Supervisors discussed the Going Greener Grant.

The Supervisors discussed using solar power.

Mr. Czajkowski commented on discussions at the last Supervisors’ meeting with regards to tax funds for the Fire Company. He discussed a seminar he attended and the recommendation from PSATS. The recommendation was for the Township to review and approve the Fire Company’s bills list. The Fire Company would write their own checks. Supervisor Schenkman suggested that a motion be made.

Supervisor Schenkman made a motion to change the Township’s policy of how the Fire Association is financed as discussed in Mr. Czajkowski’s memo to have the Fire Association submit a bills list to the Supervisors and then the Township would issue a check for the amount on the bills list. Supervisor Gallagher seconded the motion.

A suggestion was made to include the word approved.

Supervisor Schenkman amended his motion to read as follows – Supervisor Schenkman made a motion to change the Township’s policy of how the Fire Association is financed as discussed in Mr. Czajkowski’s memo to have the Fire Association submit a bills list to the Supervisors and then the Township would issue a check for the approved amount on the bills list. The motion was seconded by Supervisors Gallagher and passed unanimously (4-0).


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:53 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted:
Christy Holley, Recording Secretary



Joseph S. Czajkowski, Township Manager

Tom Jirele, Chairman

Robert Ciervo, Vice-Chairman

Michael Gallagher, Secretary/Treasurer

Philip Calabro, Member

Jerry Schenkman, Member