MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting February 1, 2001: Approved minutes of the January 4, as submitted, on motion by Mr. Roberts and second by Ms. Buras.

In attendance: Steve Sanderlin, Tom Harwood, Lisa Kruse, Sean Holloway, Belinda Buras, Hal Roberts, Lou Levine.

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Sanderlin called the meeting to order.

Mr. Sanderlin asked Ms. Dunleavy to add new Council appointments of Lou Levine and Sean Holloway to next month’s agenda.

CODES DEPARTMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Mr. Harwood distributed and reviewed the report for December 2000. He noted the following: Blockbuster Video has not appeared yet, and the Durham Road Office Center and 413 Office Center are working together to coordinate traffic impact.

APPROVAL OF THE DECEMBER MINUTES: The minutes of the December 7, 2000 meeting were approved as submitted, on motion of Ms. Kruse and second by Mr. Sanderlin.

LOWER BUCKS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Lisa Kruse reported on upcoming Chamber events:

Percolator Program & General Membership Meetings 8:00 AM

Thursday, January 11 @ St. Mary Medical Center

Business Card Exchange 4:40 – 6:30 PM

Thursday, January 25 @ Alterra

Sharpen Your Edge Seminars 8:00-9:00 AM

4th Wednesday (charge $20, $10 members)

“Consultative Selling – Probing to Closing”

Wednesday, January 24

Presented by Steve Sabel (ADP)

Chamber Night at the Trenton Titans Game

Friday, January 19 5:30 Reception 7:30 PM

Getting Acquainted With Your Chamber 4:30 PM

Wednesdays, March 7 and June 6

Presented by the Member Recruitment & Retention Committee

Call the Chamber if you plan to attend any events. Members of the Business Development Council may attend free of charge – write “guest” when filling out the registration.

SIGN ORDINANCE: The sign ordinance proposed changes are related especially to the Bypass signage. Mike Frank has produced a draft that Steve Harris is working on. When the draft is ready, Ms. Dunleavy will send it to council members.

NEW RESIDENT PACKETS: Mrs. Kruse distributed copies of the inserts for the packets. There was discussion about stuffing; it was suggested that high school LINCS kids could assist. Ms. Holloway said she could probably find people to help out. Ms. Kruse will contact various potential volunteer groups, such as Bucks County Community College, Boy Scouts, LINCS, etc to arrange dates and volunteers. The packets will eventually be mailed out to all residents, and possibly be made available to realtors for incoming new residents.

The following stuffing party times were suggested: Wednesday, January 17; Tuesday, January 23; and Thursday, January 25 – from 5:30 – 10:00 PM. Ms. Kruse and Ms. Dunleavy will put together a press release for the Advance, and dates will be noted on the next agenda. Ms. Kruse will contact the Business & Professional Association; Ms. Buras will contact LINCS at the high school. Press releases will also be sent to Rotary, Exchange Club, Kiwanis, Lions and the Fire Company. Anyone who wishes to help stuff should contact Robyn Wood; BDC members will affix labels to the folders.

SYCAMORE STREET/MAIN STREET MANAGER: Mr. Sanderlin said that the committee has met with the utilities companies, and has scheduled what each will be doing when. Nighttime work is planned, so not to disrupt businesses. There are only 8 or 9 residents along Sycamore; they have been contacted and are willing to put up with the noise and disruption for the short term.

Four public meetings are planned, as required by the requirements for the grant application. The board of supervisors has authorized funding for the meetings.

INVITATION TO NEWTOWN BUSINESSES: Ms. Kruse and Ms. Dunleavy will bring a draft copy to the next meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: Without objection, the meeting adjourned at 1:15.

The next luncheon meeting was confirmed for February 1, 2001 at the Goodnoe Farm Dairy Bar at 12:00 PM.


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:__________________________________
                                                        Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary