Approval of the Minutes: Mr. Roberts moved to approve the minutes of the July 1, 2004 meeting as presented. Ms. Britsch seconded; the motion carried unanimously. There was no August meeting.

Present: Chairman Richard Weaver, Tom Harwood, Hal Roberts, Marge Frederick, Sue Britsch, Miguel Sison, Don Harris, Steve Schreiber, Patrice Martin, Brad Ramer.

Call to Order: Chairman Weaver called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.

Public Comment - None

Codes Department Business Development Report

Mr. Harwood distributed and reviewed the report for June 2004.

Approval of the Minutes

Mr. Roberts moved to approve the minutes of the June 3, 2004 meeting as presented. Ms. Britsch seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce

There was no report. Ms. Frederick noted that information about Chamber activities is always available on their website:

Joint Downtown Newtown Corporation

Ms. Dunleavy reported that the Main Street Manager has been hired.

Newtown Business and Professional Association

There was no report. Information relevant to all the associationís events could be found at their website:

Economic Development Commission

Mr. Weaver reported that there would be a welcome addition to the Business Commons: Newtown Ambulatory Surgery, a same day/outpatient service. He said that after a long period of vacant properties, there seems to be a lot of interest in the Business Commons. He said that people from places like Langhorne, Bristol and New Jersey; he would like to get input from them regarding coming to Newtown. Mr. Weaver said he was anxious to meet with the people who purchased the France building and learn which hotel chain plans to develop a conference center on the site, which would include 100-110 rooms and a restaurant. Mr. Schreiber said he was looking forward to having company meetings at a conference center in Newtown rather than other places in the county.

Mr. Weaver said that the Friends Lane Group has formed the Friends Lane Condominium Association, with Michael Conner as President. Mr. Weaver said he met with the association and Bob Connell. He said he would like to begin an association of the entire Commons, with a Board to help with management and communication and to get input from the tenants as well as the property owners.

Mr. Weaver noted that construction around Newtown was proceeding well, and it looked like work on the Bypass will be done in about a month. He reported that the ordinance relative to the Business Commons, concerning impervious surface and parking areas, was finally passed at the last Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Community Map

Mr. Weaver reported that the map project was moving along well. Ms. Frederick said she had forms for anyone interested in purchasing advertising on the map. It was noted that 10,000 maps would be printed, with approximately 8000 to be mailed to residents and 2000 to be placed at the borough and township offices. Those interested in working on the project should contact Linda Mitchell at the Newtown Athletic Club. Ms. Frederick said Ms. Mitchell hopes to wrap up the project by September. It was suggested that information regarding the Main Street Program and Manager be included on the map.

New Business


Old Business


Next Meeting

The August meeting was cancelled. The next scheduled BDC meeting will be Thursday, September 2, 2004.


On motion by Mr. Roberts and without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted


Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary