12:00 NOON

Approval of Minutes: Ms. Laughlin moved to approve the minutes of April 6, 2006 as presented. Mr. Lenihan seconded and the motion passed 4-0.

Present:  Dick Weaver, Tom Harwood, Wayne Bishop, Mary Ann Broderick, Lud Worsham, Chip Bromley, Don Harris 

Call to Order:  Mr. Weaver called the meeting to order.   

Codes Department Business Development ReportMr. Harwood presented his report, covering March 2006.  He noted that Carlucci’s Express Café would be in the new hotel; Rockfactory will be a music school and studio; the Sloan (alternative) School would be moving into the old Law Admissions building; and First Evergreen is a new medical office on Newtown-Yardley Road near Pickering, Corts and Summerson.  

Approval of the Minutes

Ms. Broderick moved to approve the minutes of the March 2, 2006 meeting as presented.  Mr. Worsham seconded; the motion carried unanimously.   


Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce

No report.  Information and further detail about all LBCCC events is available on the website:    

Joint Downtown Newtown Corporation

Ms. Dunleavy noted that AHA! Friday is April 7th, and that there would be ribbon cuttings for two new businesses downtown:  Miller Performance and LeMasque.  The JDNC/Main Streets website is:      

Newtown Business and Professional Association

Mr. Bromley noted that the upcoming Business Card Exchange, hosted by the Newtown Chamber Orchestra, is scheduled for April 25 at the Corporate Office of Third Federal Bank.  Also upcoming are Welcome Day, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Car Show.  Information about the association and its events is available at the NBPA website:    

Economic Development Commission

Mr. Weaver reported that the Messick project between the NAC and Ultrasound is under roof.  He said the hotel project is beginning to start footings; the Planning Commission is dealing with issues including the restaurant, lounge, and liquor license.  Mr. Weaver said the Planning Commission is concerned that Carlucci’s and the hotel would be an area wide attraction.  The restaurant will be Carlucci’s Café, BYOB and possibly providing lunch delivery service and serving breakfast; they will make a presentation at the BOS work session on Monday.  Mr. Weaver noted there is a difference between hotel and restaurant liquor licenses.

Mr. Weaver said that the Elliott project at the Acme site is moving ahead; clean up of the site has begun.  He said a kick off event is planned at the site on May 4th.  Mr. Weaver noted that the Lombardi project on Sycamore Street is nearly complete.  He said that DeLuca has purchased the St. Andrews Preschool property and is considering moving their headquarters there; the preschool will move to the Catholic Education Center on Wrights Road.

Mr. Weaver noted that Upper Makefield had approved the Toll/Veterans Cemetery concept proposal last night, including the construction of 210 homes; the approval will move the process ahead.  Mr. Weaver said the Veterans Administration would lease some land for farming; the location of the homes will be closer to Stoopville.  Mr. Weaver said that the Board of Supervisors had discussed the concentration of homes proposed for the township and had voted to move the project forward; the concept plan places fewer homes in Newtown Township than in Upper Makefield.  He noted that access to the homes would be off of Stoopville Road and Highland Avenue; service would be worked out, geographically as well as financially. 

Newtown Business Commons Association

No report.

New Business

Mr. Weaver asked Council members for ideas to increase meeting attendance.  Mr. Worsham suggested that everyone bring a friend; Mr. Harris suggested sending flyers to each business in the Borough and the Township.  Mr. Bishop said he considers and enjoys the BDC meetings as informal discussions of what is happening in the Newtown business community; Mr. Worsham said he learns a great deal at the meetings, particularly regarding the status of projects in Newtown.  Ms. Dunleavy will draft a flyer and update the BDC brochure for the next meeting.  Mr. Harwood suggested having speakers at some meetings; Elliott Building Group, the hotelier in the Business Commons, and a TMA representative were suggested speakers. 


Mr. Bromley noted that the Newtown Network Exchange is held every other Tuesday at the Temperance House; it is a luncheon meeting and a good place to meet others.

Mr. Weaver said that Telectronics had done a wonderful job on their building.  He noted that the Roberts Tract (Upper Silver Lake Road) was under agreement to McGrath Homes, to be developed as an age restricted development with homes for sale for approximately at $400,000; there would be no wetlands impact.

Mr. Weaver noted that the property across 413 from the Municipal Complex is in the conditional use and land development process, under the assumption a B17 use would be granted.  McGrath is proposing 120 homes on the site.  It was projected that the township would be built out by 2010 with a population of 25,000. 

Next Meeting

The next scheduled BDC meeting will be Thursday, May 4, 2006, at Dolce Carini Restaurant on South Eagle Road. 


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary