Newtown Business Development Council

Minutes for the Meeting held on October 5, 2006


Present: Dick Weaver , Robert M. Pellegrino, Michael Solomon, Mary Ann Broderick, Kent Lufkin, Brandon Wind, Marge Frederick, Chip Bromley, Wayne Bishop, Lisa Russo, Hal Roberts, Don Harris.

Call to Order: Mr. Weaver called the meeting to order, followed by self introductions.

Codes Department Business Development Report

Codes Officer Mike Solomon presented the report, covering September 2006.

Approval of the Minutes

Mr. Wind moved to approve the minutes of the September 7, 2006 meeting as presented. Mr. Pellegrino seconded; the motion carried unanimously.


Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce

Upcoming events include candidate events, business exchange and Percolator meeting. Information and further detail about all LBCCC events is available on the website:

Joint Downtown Newtown Corporation

Ms. Dunleavy reported that the first Girls’ Night Out was a success; the next GNO will be Thursday, October 19 th. She noted that the first annual Newtown Brewfest would be held on Saturday, October 21 st at the Stocking Works; tickets are on sale online and at several stores downtown. The JDNC/Main Streets website is:

Newtown Business and Professional Association

It was noted that there would be a Business Card Exchange on October 26 th at Third Federal Bank; and that the next NBPA breakfast meeting would be Tuesday, October 24 th at Chandler Hall, with speaker Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick. Information about the association and its events is available at the NBPA website:

Economic Development Commission

Mr. Weaver reported there was not much new. He said that the plans for the old Acme site had gone back to the drawing board, as they didn’t meet the terms of the development agreement. Mr. Weaver said the DeLuca project was moving along, and that the Hilton Homewood Suites was projecting completion in one year; Cosi will be coming in for a conditional use (restaurant) at the hotel.

He said that two people have expressed interest in the Stockburger Bypass property; this property will be awarded a greater density as compensation for land given up for the Bypass. Mr. Weaver noted that Mr. Messick’s site on the Bypass was already filled, and that Doug Terry’s building on Pheasant Run was filled as well.

Newtown Business Commons Association

Mr. Weaver said the association is interested in expanding its membership base to include renters in the Commons; they are accorded associate membership. He said they are considering expanding membership opportunities to nearby businesses with the same issues, such as LaSalle and ICT. Mr. Weaver noted that the association breakfast meetings are held the 4 th Tuesday of the month at the Law School Admissions building and run approximately one hour. He said the meetings have been well attended; everyone is welcome, as they are always looking for new ideas.

Meeting Attendance

Mr. Harris asked how attendance at the BDC meetings could be increased. Mr. Weaver suggested that the Economic Development Commission, which has accomplished its initial tasks, combine with the Business Development Council; he will speak to EDC board members about the possibility. Ms. Dunleavy asked about printing the revised brochure that she had prepared and had been reviewed by the Council; it was decided to wait until the possible merging of the EDC and BDC, as additional revision might be necessary. The suggestion was also made to increase publicity for the meetings, including information in the township newsletter and the local newspapers and on appropriate websites (JDNC, NBPA, township, borough).

Next Meeting

The next scheduled BDC meeting will be Thursday, November 2, 2006, at Dolce Carini Restaurant on South Eagle Road.


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary