Newtown Business Development Council

Minutes for the Meeting held on May 3, 2007


Present: Dick Weaver, Michael Solomon, Mary Ann Broderick, Hal Roberts, Marge Frederick, Wayne Bishop, Chip Bromley, Dan McCloskey, Chris Ortwein, Brandon Wind, Jennifer Karpchuk.

Call to Order: Chairman Weaver called the meeting to order.

Codes Department Business Development Report

Director of Planning & Zoning Mike Solomon presented the report, covering April 2007, noting that the conditional use for the Promenade had been denied. He said that Elliott Building will have to turn the property to the township, at which time the building will be demolished and the future developer will reimburse the township for the cost of demolition; RFP’s will be re-issued as soon as the township owns the property again.

Approval of the Minutes

Mr. Wind moved to approve the minutes of the April meeting as presented. Ms. Broderick seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce

Upcoming events include:

  • Percolator meeting on May 10 at Sesame Place
  • Business Card Exchanges are on the 4 th Thursday of the month
  • Golf Outing in early June at the Northampton Country Club
Information and further detail about all LBCCC events is available on the website:

Joint Downtown Newtown Corporation

Ms. Ortwein announced that the Economic Structuring Committee of JDNC, chaired by Mr. Weaver, has scheduled an economic summit for May 17 th at Noon; State and Sycamore Street property owners have been invited to discuss visioning for the downtown area. Ms. Ortwein applauded Mr. Weaver’s efforts and desire to eliminate any separation between borough and township.

Ms. Ortwein noted that there had been no vacancies downtown until recently; Shoe Café South will merge with the Shoe Café on N. State Street, Computer Tymes will move to the Newtown Athletic Club, and Newtown Travel will move to the owner’s home.

Ms. Ortwein noted that the May 5 th AHA! Friday - Art Walk - will feature some of the Welcome Day artists, and that two new businesses on Sycamore Street will be welcomed that evening as well: Westshore Pizza and Rouget Restaurant. The JDNC/Main Streets website is:

Newtown Business and Professional Association

Welcome Day is looking for donations of door prizes. The upcoming membership breakfast meeting will be May 22 nd; check the website for information. Information about the association and its events is available at the NBPA website:

Newtown Business Commons Association

Mr. Weaver reported that membership is growing; the monthly breakfast meetings are held the 4 th Tuesday of each month. He noted that the old issue of lighting at the Law School had been resolved. Mr. Weaver had no further news on the hotel ground breaking.

New Busines

Ms. Ortwein suggested a change in the use process to facilitate the conditional use process, particularly for all tenants at Goodnoe’s Corner or in a similar situation, perhaps by changing uses by right. She noted that Sycamore Street is the only TC district in the township. Mr. Solomon said that each business/tenant needed to go through the process; Mr. Weaver will look into the issue.

Next Meeting

The next scheduled BDC meeting will be Thursday, June 7, 2007 at Dolce Carini Restaurant, 2821 S. Eagle Road.


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 12: 50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary