Approval of Minutes: Dr. Kaner moved to accept the minutes of June 27, 2005. Mr. Heil seconded and the motion passed 3-0-2, with Dr. McEachron and Mrs. Crescenzo abstaining.

The Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council met on Monday, June 27, 2005, in the Newtown Township Building. In attendance and voting were: Susan Sciarratta, Vice Chairman; Michael Kaner, Secretary and William N. Heil, member.

Call to Order

Ms. Sciarratta called the meeting to order at 7:35.

Change in Meeting Days

The Council agreed to change their meeting days to the second Tuesday of the month for July and August, returning to the fourth Monday of the month in September.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Heil moved to approve the minutes of May 23, 2005. Dr. Kaner seconded and the motion passed 3-0.


The recording secretary reported that a letter had been received at the Township Building from Timothy Duffy of the Upper Makefield Environmental Advisory Council, inviting the members to work together with Upper Makefield. Ms. Sciarratta agreed to contact Mr. Duffy, noting that Upper Makefield’s EAC has been in existence for eight years and could be a valuable source of guidance.

Discussion of Possible Projects

Park and Recreation Department

The recording secretary agreed to invite Mr. Wert to the July meeting to discuss grants for trees, open space preservation and working with scout volunteers.

Newtown Creek

Ms. Sciarratta reported that members of the Council, Bob King of Newtown Borough Council and Supervisor Tom Jirele met with Richard Albert of The Delaware River Keepers Network on June 20, 2005. They met at North Drive and Durham Road to examine the creek. Mr. Albert has gotten grants to help municipalities conduct stream studies. He agreed to conduct a study of the Newtown Creek, beginning at its origins above Stoopville Road, through Newtown Borough, in July. His team of three will notify the EAC when a date and time has been selected, and invite members to join in the study. The River Keepers will then prepare a report with possible action items listed. The River Keepers report will include results from sample testing for fecal matter, PH and oxygen. The report will be shared with Newtown Borough.

Mr. Heil said that River Keepers had provided him with copies of their watershed study of the Little Neshaminy Creek, which he shared with the Council. Mr. Albert informed him that no special permissions are needed to conduct the study. He has also had a conversation with Bob King, who will speak to the Borough Council about working together on possible grant applications for joint projects on the creek. He suggested a stream clean-up project with scouts in the fall or next spring.

Environmental Awards

Dr. Kaner provided copies of various awards presented to businesses for being “friends of the environment”. Recipients apply for the awards. He has begun researching criteria for qualifying for such awards.

Mr. Heil agreed to help Dr. Kaner research some government sponsored environmental awards, and they will set some criteria and prepare a draft application for the next meeting. He said that he has been involved with applications for pollution prevention awards, and was aware of a number of programs run by the Pennsylvania DEP and the White House. Dr. Kaner agreed to contact Supervisor Tom Jirele to keep him informed of progress on this project.

Data Gathering/PA State Education Standards for Science and Ecology

Ms. Sciarratta provided the Council with copies of the state standards for the environment and ecology. These standards could be helpful when the Council is ready to begin a project using school children as volunteers.


Mr. Heil moved to adjourn at 8:30 PM. Ms. Sciarratta seconded and the motion passed 3-0.


Respectfully submitted:


Mary Donaldson, Recording Secretary