Minutes for the meeting held on May 12, 2008


The Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council met on Monday, May 12, 2008 in the Township Building. In attendance and voting were: Donald McEachron, Chairman; Dennis Annarelli, Aliya Aslam, and Walter Leck, members. Also in attendance was Dennis Fisher, Planning Commission Liaison.

Call To Order

Dr. McEachron called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Approval of Minutes

Dr. Annarelli moved to accept the minutes of April 28, 2008. Ms. Aslam seconded and the motion passed 4-0.

EAC Project Updates

Open Space: Dr. McEachron reported that he and Mr. McGuigan have been working on the open space inventory using the various maps. At this point the list of parcels has been compared with two of the maps. Information is being transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. He anticipates an additional 30 hours of work to complete the list. Once completed, the results will have to be compared by on-site visits, as it is apparent that some of the map information is no longer current, as many open lots have been developed.

Survey of Community Environmental Interests: Ms. Aslam reported that she has been in contact with Council Rock School District and was informed that school children could not participate in distribution of the sample survey she had prepared, as it is against the District’s policy.

Cool Cities: Dr. McEachron reminded the members of the Cool Cities program to be held on May 21, 2008 in the Township Building. He said there had been some press releases and flyers are being posted around the business districts.

Mr. Fisher said that there would be information and flyers available at Market Day.

New Business

Ms. Aslam said that in visiting open fields in the Township as part of her photography hobby she has encountered a number of dumping areas. These have mostly been on private property. She asked whether the JMZO or Township Ordinances address dumping. The members discussed regulations that might exist for disposing of automotive and large appliances in remote areas of private property, and whether the Township can regulate such practices.

Mr. Leck noted that having a place on a farm for burying old tires or other trash was a common practice, and some of the sites Ms. Aslam has described might have existed for many years.

The members discussed recycling opportunities beyond the traditional waste recycling through the trash haulers. They talked about possibly providing information on the Web site about electronics recycling, re-use of cell phones, and charities that accept used clothing, appliances and furniture. Mr. Leck provided information about a battery recycling program that he would like the members to consider.

The meeting adjourned without objection at 8:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted by:


Mary Donaldson, Recording Secretary