Meeting held on September 27, 2010


The Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council met on Monday, September 27, 2010 in the Township Building. In attendance and voting were: Chairman Jay McGuigan, Vice Chairman Pam Fitzpatrick, Dennis Annarelli, members. Also in attendance was Planning Commission Liaison Dennis Fisher.

Call to Order

Chairman McGuigan called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. McGuigan moved to moved to accept the minutes of July 26, 2010. Dr. Annarelli seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

Liaison Reports

Newtown Creek Coalition: Mrs. Fitzpatrick reported that the Coalition is rescheduling its fall clean-up day. The clean-up will concentrate on the area between the Centre Ave. Bridge and Carl Sedia Park. The Coalition continues its efforts to obtain non-profit status.

Planning Commission: Mr. Fisher reported that at its most recent meeting the Commission reviewed plans for a bank at the corner of Sycamore Street and Newtown Richboro Road, at the former Stockburger Chrysler property. The Regional Planning Commission is discussing ordinances addressing green energy methods.

Park and Recreation Board: The recording secretary reported that EAC member Autumn Thomas worked with the Board to co-sponsor a three day tree tenders seminar. The first two sessions were well attended and the final session is October 14, 2010.


Wildlife Management: McGuigan reported that he had assembled the research and the responses to the EAC request for proposals and presented them to the Board of Supervisors at its September 22, 2010 meeting. He gave the EAC recommendation to use Eccologix to conduct an archery and sharpshooting program to cull the herd. He reminded the Board that Eccologix offered a flat fee for an unlimited sharpshooting or a per deer rate, which would allow the supervisors to place a lower cap on spending.

Mr. McGuigan reviewed the five Township parcels to be included in the proposed hunt, which can be held in part in conjunction with the Tyler hunt. He had spoken to Green Belt Archers, which is a group of Township policemen and other employees and had suggested that this group be given one of the parcels for hunting as part of the Eccologix program.

The Supervisors have asked him to return on October 13, 2010 to discuss this further and to make a decision.

Energy Conservation: The recording secretary reported that the Township had received a grant for a wind turbine for the new public works garage. It is to be installed shortly.

Ms. Fitzpatrick said she had recently attended a meeting about energy conservation in Buckingham Township. At the meeting she learned that Recyclebank is offering an opportunity to donate “recycle points” to charities. Ms. Fitzpatrick said that she also attended the State Act 167 Neshaminy Watershed meeting.

Correspondence: Mr. McGuigan said that the EAC had received two letters from residents expressing interest in joining the EAC. These had been forwarded to the Township Manager for consideration by the Supervisors. He is not sure whether appointments would be made right away or as part of the new year reorganization.

Mr. Fisher said that he had received information about a capacitor from Green Energy Solutions which can stop unused energy from leaving your house.

Mr. McGuigan moved to adjourn at 8:45 PM. Dr. Annarelli seconded and the motion passed 3-0.


Respectfully submitted by:


Mary Donaldson, Recording Secretary