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Open Space Inventory
Newtown Township
Environmental Advisory Council


The Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) is embarking on a project to complete an inventory and assessment of all the open space parcels within the Township. These parcels are currently owned by a variety of public and private entities. The EAC has compiled a list of criteria to complete its assessment of each property. These criteria include land characteristics relating to the presence of wetlands, streams, or other water bodies on site, the presence of unique land features or historic structures, the degree / severity of slopes, the percent forested land on each site, proximity to floodplains, farms, and other open spaces, the groundwater capacity and soil quality of the underlying soils, habitat characteristics, and current zoning. All of these factors contribute to the overall environmental significance of each property and will allow the EAC to identify properties having unique and/or sensitive environmental systems associated with them.



Open Space Inventory - How You Can Help

There are several ways that you, as a Newtown resident, can assist this effort. You may wish to volunteer your time (or your children’s time or organization’s time) to assist with the desktop study and/or field visits. If you live adjacent to or near an open space parcel, the EAC would appreciate your assistance with any relevant environmental information about that site as well as your assistance in gaining access to that site via your property. If you or your organization / homeowners association is in possession of an open space parcel or common space, you could assist us by providing approval for the EAC to access this property. If you are a naturalist, biologist, civil engineer, or environmental scientist / engineer, the EAC could use your specialized expertise in evaluating these properties.

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