MINUTES WERE APPROVED at the regular meeting April 10, 2001: Mr. Vance moved to approve the March 13, 2001 minutes. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fidler and passed unanimously.

In Attendance: Scott R. Harp, Chairman, Elaine M. Gibbs, Finance Director, Cornell Hopkins, Township Manager, Thomas J. Harwood, Jr., Public Works Director, Louis F. Melchiondo, Superintendent of Road and Public Facilities, James A. Bowe, III, Robert A. Dieterle, Allen Fidler, III, Richard Fusco, Philip Newmuis, Jr., Phil Vance


Chairman Harp called the meeting to order at 8:30 am.


Mr. Vance moved to approve the February 13, 2001 minutes. The motion was seconded by Mr. Fusco and passed unanimously, with Mr. Dieterle abstaining.


Mr. Dieterle proposed changing the meeting time from 8:30am to 8:00am. Chairman Harp requested the Committee ponder the proposal, and it will be discussed prior to adjourning.

Capital Plan Proposal Review, Codes/Public Works - Tom Harwood, Public Works Director presented a department proposal (copy attached). Following are highlights.

Years 2002 to 2006

Public Works – Roads: Twining Bridge Road drainage and widening is proposed for 2002. Due to talks regarding Swamp Road and Stoopville Road improvements and new construction at Newtown Meadows, a preliminary sketch plan document could be expected from the engineer as early as 2001. Mr. Vance inquired as to priority of areas needing improvement. Mr. Harwood suggested the curve located at AARK be addressed; and Mr. Hopkins reminded the Committee right-of-way acquisition is needed from the Archdiocese. Mr. Hopkins suggested Mr. Harwood consider this a “step” project; with the sketch plan for 2001, right-of-way acquisition in 2002 and engineering in 2003. The Committee was advised the proposed improvements will accommodate the build-out of Newtown Meadows.

Linton Hill Road bridge culvert, between Washington Crossing Road and Wrights Road is proposed for 2001. The section between Frost Lane and Washington Crossing Road is proposed for 2002, or beyond.

Public Works – Equipment: Mr. Harwood placed equipment purchase in the following priority order:

1986 GMC K-30 w/ crew cab pick-up (second motor, third transmission)

1990 Chevy Blazer (100,000 miles)

1987 International Sweeper

1990 Chevy 2500 pick-up (15 years old)

1995 Chevy Blazer (87,000 miles)

Discussion was had regarding purchasing a sweeper. The current sweeper has recently been fitted with a new filter system; eliminating some of the problem. The sweeper experiences between 30-50 scheduled uses per year, and residents requesting spot cleaning. The Committee was reminded rentals are difficult, due to supply and demand. Newtown Borough uses an outside contractor, as the Township has, and the approximate cost is $6,000/year.

Mr. Harwood asked the Committee to appreciate that in addition to miles, the equipment also has had hard work. Due to developing, the Public Works Department may need to review the current three service areas and increase to five.

Mr. Hopkins commended Mr. Harwood and Mr. Melchiondo for their recent good work. The state bid this year did not accommodate the specifications for our truck purchase. The men went out for bid, low bid received was in the amount of $84,000, budget was $80,000 and state bid was $89,000. The Board of Supervisors will be asked to consider the purchase at their meeting scheduled for March 14, 2001.

Public Works - Building and Grounds: Mr. Harwood advised the Municipal Expansion Ad Hoc Committee is working towards more space for the Public Works Department.

He requested the Committee consider replacement of underground diesel and gas tanks with above ground steel tanks. He suggested the replacement and configuration be part of the relocation of the Public Works Department. Mr. Fidler questioned whether DEP has requirements of tank removal of Municipalities, as they do private sector (service stations). Mr. Harwood advised DEP does; and, a clean environment is of importance. Mr. Melchiondo advised above ground tank requirements for testing is less expensive to monitor than underground tanks.

Codes – Storage Space: Mr. Harwood advised the Municipal Expansion Ad Hoc Committee and Capital Planning Committee are addressing the issue of storage space. Mr. Hopkins shared discussion with the Committee regarding types of records storage Township personnel have reviewed.

Codes – Computers: Mr. Harwood explained the department is seeking a program that provides a tracking /reminder feature for permits and features that will reduce manual work currently being done. Mr. Hopkins explained the problems that would be encountered if a stand-alone software was purchased, and expressed the need for Applied Micro Systems (AMS) to work on programs that accommodate the Codes and Finance Departments. Discussion was had regarding considering a contact management package (i.e. ACT, Goldmine) or a database package (i.e. Access).

Years 2007 to 2011

Public Works – Equipment: Mr. Harwood reminded the Committee the equipment proposed for replacement will be approaching 10 years old and is used for snow plowing and mowing.

Public Works – Building and Grounds: The fuel tank replacement was discussed previously. However, the Committee discussed making provisions for the replacement now, even if construction is to be delayed to 2007-2011.

Codes – Space Requirements and Upgrade of Computer Programs: This detail was omitted from Mr. Harwood’s report in error.

Years 2012 to 2016

Public Works – Roads: Mr. Harwood reminded the Committee; due to the traffic volumes, it is important to plan for public works projects to maintain the quality of life.

Chairman Harp thanked Mr. Harwood and Mr. Melchiondo for their presentation.

Chairman Harp advised: a) he would like to include, as part of the agenda, open discussion for a ten year plan for the community center, municipal building expansion and park development. What options do we have to finance the projects and how will the Committee present these matters to the Board of Supervisors, b) he will be meeting quarterly with the Finance Director and department heads to discuss budgets and c) the Police have a conflict with the April 10th presentation. The Emergency Services Department and Technology Department will present to the Committee on April 10th and the Police will be rescheduled for May 8th.

The Committee discussed the possibility of changing the time of the meeting as proposed by Mr. Dieterle. The consensus was that it remain at 8:30 am.




Chairman Harp thanked all in attendance for their input.


Mr. Vance moved to adjourn. With no objections, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.

The next scheduled meeting is April 10, 2001 and will include discussion regarding Capital Plan Proposal Review of the Emergency Services Department and Technology Department. The Committee will meet in the Municipal Building, Lower Level Meeting Room.


Respectfully submitted: __________________________
                                                Robyn M. Wood