Minutes of the meeting held on March 12, 2002 were approved on motion of member Bowe, seconded by member Fidler and approved by all present. 

The regular monthly meeting of the Financial Planning Committee of Newtown Township met on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 in the meeting room of the Township Administration Building.

Chairman Richard Weaver called the meeting to order at 8:30 A. M.

On motion of Phil Vance, seconded by Allen Fidler and approved by all members present minutes of the meeting held on February 12, 2002 were approved as presented.

Mission Statement

A discussion focused on a proposed Financial Planning Committee Mission statement which was revised on February 26, 2002. A final statement will be printed including comments offered and will be presented to the Board of Supervisors at an up-coming Work Session for approval.

Municipal Complex Expansion Plans

Township Manager Bob Pellegrino reviewed a proposed Site Plan showing relocation of certain Departments and buildings proposed for expansion. He explained that at this time an architect is re-doing earlier documents since there have been new ideas presented. One consideration of changes from earlier plans &/or ideas was based on finances. As he detailed various departments planned relocations and expansions or demolitions of building, he stated the engineering firm of Pennoni Associates representative Gerry Smith was skilled in getting “the most bang from a buck”, which was the guiding force to the development strategies.

When asked about costs, he estimated the total cost might be three or four-and-a-half million dollars, all inclusive.

Member Fidler cautioned that the consideration of the Archdiocese selling land might be a problem.

Members supported an idea to use the Woll Tract or the Library Tract for the development of a department which might function well off-site.

Design and financial plans might be expected by the end of December, 2002 from Finance and Administration Departments.

Finance Director Gibbs related major funding status in various land acquisitions in the Township and their terms. She related Recreation Fund expenditures, Open Space/Parks with costs and terms.

Sycamore Street Reconstruction

Mrs. Gibbs disclosed arrangements between PaDOT and the Township as they regard the continued work on Sycamore Street. Pennoni Associates (engineer) is dialoging with PaDOT relating to some enhancement costs, i.e., light standards, benches, cross-walk markings. Solicitation from corporate units may be possible.

Manager Pellegrino hopes to develop long-term financial plans by comparing income to expenses as major expansion plans progress. He will review proposed and presently-being-built properties and their related income to the township.

Recreational Plans

Chairman Weaver related Board of Supervisor plans for further development of areas throughout the township into recreational use. He talked about parking plans at various locations, a consideration to construct a small parking garage to the rear with a small retail shop area toward the street side of Sycamore Street at the Acme Market site. Mr. Fidler talked about the length of time needed for condemnation process should this be a consideration at the Acme Site.

The Financial Planning Committee determined priorities which they will suggest to the Board of Supervisors:

1. Municipal Building development

2. Community Center Building.

Population projections: at the present time, there are 18,300 residents according to records; with a total population in a very short period of time to become 23,000. Age-restricted developments significantly increase the total as well as the demands to the Township. This needs to be kept in mind as plans and budgets develop in the future.


There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Ethel K. Hibbs, Secretary