Minutes for the meeting held on March 22, 2011

The Newtown Township Financial Planning Committee met on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at the Newtown Township Administration Building.

Members present were Warren Dallas, Robert Daries, Ryan Gallagher and Gaylord Swaby. Excused were Joe Barkley and Brian Wilson.

Also present was Financial Director Elaine Gibbs.

The Committee did not meet in February, due to the lack of a quorum.


Mr. Gallagher called the meeting to order at 7:39 P.M.


The members agreed to table the approval of the minutes from November 23, 2010, until the next meeting due to members’ absence.


Mr. Dallas made a motion to approve the minutes from January 25, 2011 as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Swaby and passed unanimously (4-0).


Update on Capital Budget Request Form and Scheduling

Mr. Gallagher updated the members on the Capital Budget Request Form that he has developed. He provided the members with handouts of the form for their review.

Mrs. Gibbs advised that she liked the format and suggested adding a column showing which funds are used for the requested items. The members discussed the suggestion and agreed to add a column showing the funding source.

Mr. Dallas suggested reducing the forms from two pages to one and that the format be landscape. He also suggested adding two columns; one for the departments’ priorities and one for the Supervisors’ priorities.

The members discussed the review and recommendation process regarding the department’s Capital Budget requests. The members agreed that the departments’ will be required to list their priorities in order.

Mr. Swaby agreed with Mr. Dallas’ suggestion that the form be one page and landscape.

Mr. Daries also concurred with Mr. Dallas’ suggestion.

Mr. Dallas suggested that the departments’ be required to explain why an item is needed, its importance and list any cost savings.

The members discussed the priority number scale and the descriptions.

The members discussed when the departments’ would begin making their presentations. Mrs. Gibbs reported that the department heads’ normally begin working on their requests in April and make their presentations in May and June. Mr. Gallagher advised that he would talk with Mr. Czajkowski about the departments’ making their presentations and suggested that the presentations could begin at the April 26, 2011, meeting. He also reported that he would make the revisions to the form as discussed and email the members an updated copy.

Update on Variance/Executive Summary Report (Financial Management Report)

Mr. Gallagher advised that there was nothing new regarding the Variance/Executive Summary Report.

Mrs. Gibbs reported that she did provide Mr. Barkley with the January information and that she is waiting for the final word from the auditors before releasing the January and February Treasurer’s Reports.

Update on MuniCast

Mr. Swaby advised that he had nothing new regarding MuniCast.

Mr. Gallagher reported on discussions with Mr. Swanson (MuniCast Representative) regarding the consulting firm (GFOA) and on discussions with the Supervisors regarding the $5,000 cost. He also suggested that the Committee use their meetings as work/training sessions to learn the MuniCast software.

Mrs. Gibbs suggested contacting other municipalities to discuss the system.

Mr. Swaby suggested having Mr. Swanson review the information, determine the driving forces and select indicators.

The members discussed who would be responsible for maintaining the system.

Mrs. Gibbs reported on the information that she has provided to MuniCast to be transferred into the system and that currently the information is being updated once a year.

Mr. Gallagher advised that he feels this task is important and needs to be completed. The matter will be addressed once the Capital Budget presentations are complete.

Mr. Swaby suggested using the system as is.

Update on Alternative Accounting Software Packages

The members discussed alternative accounting software packages and agreed that due to Mr. Franklin’s resignation there is nothing to update. It was suggested to reassign this topic to another member at the next meeting.

Update on Road Analysis and Forecasting Project

Mr. Dallas updated the members on the road analysis and forecasting project. He advised on discussions with Mr. Crossland and Mr. Hibbs and that he needs more information from Mrs. Gibbs.

Mrs. Gibbs advised the members on the road maintenance that has taken place over the past ten years.

The members discussed the current funding sources, alternative funding sources and what will happen to the roads if the maintenance program continues as is.

Mr. Dallas reported that he will have more to update at the April meeting.


Election of Vice Chairman

Mr. Daries made a motion to nominated Mr. Dallas for Vice Chairman. The motion was seconded by Mr. Swaby and passed unanimously (4-0).


Mrs. Gibbs suggested that the Committee discuss the Township’s Reserve Fund at a future meeting.

The members discussed the Township with regards to loss of income and the recent census information.


Mr. Gallagher reported that the Supervisors are scheduled to discuss the vacancies on the Committee at their meeting on March 23, 2011.


There being no further business the meeting was duly adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2011 at 7:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Christy Holley-Flaherty, Recording Secretary