Minutes for the meeting held on May 22, 2012

The Newtown Township Financial Planning Committee met on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at the Newtown Township Administration Building.

Members present were Joe Barkley, Warren Dallas, Robert Daries and Brian Wilson. Excused were Aaron Borstein, Tom Dye, Rick Fuerman and Scott Rosenberg.


Mr. Barkley called the meeting to order at 7:33 P.M.


Mr. Dallas made a motion to approve the minutes from April 24, 2012 as presented. The motion was seconded by Mr. Wilson and passed unanimously with one member abstaining due to absence (3-0-1).


Mr. Barkley advised the members of Mr. Poppel’s resignation. He also updated the members on his meeting with Supervisor Mike Gallagher with regards to the following:

  • He suggested to Supervisor Gallagher that the Board not add to the amount of members appointed to the Committee – leave as a nine member Committee. The Recording Secretary would let Mrs. Kivenko know that the Committee is looking for one new member to replace Mr. Poppel.
  • He requested Supervisor Gallagher to advise the Committee on items they should be working on that would help the Board. It was agreed that three items the Committee should be concentrating on include MuniCast, grants/other sources of funding and reviewing the Departments’ 2013 Capital Budget requests.


Update on MuniCast – How to make the forecast?

The members discussed the comment made by Mrs. Gibbs at the April meeting with regards to MuniCast not having the Township’s financials for December of 2011 and if she should forward that information to Mr. Swanson. Mr. Barkley inquired if that had been done. Mr. Daries advised that he believes that has been done.

The members discussed MuniCast with regards to picking the indicators/drivers. Mr. Daries commented on the use of auditors and the auditor’s report to help with choosing the indicators.

Mr. Barkley reported that the Board is going to sign the EMS contract tomorrow night. The contract will be for five years.

The members discussed the non-uniform and police contracts and agreed that all three contracts should be included in the MuniCast system.

The members agreed that the Supervisors need a forecasting tool to help make decisions.

Mr. Barkley commented that he feels that the Committee could have the first MuniCast forecast ready for review in two months. He noted that per Mrs. Gibbs, there is no Township staff available to feed/care for the system and suggested that for now the Committee takes on this responsibility.

The members discussed working on the first cut at the June 26 th meeting and what’s involved.

Mr. Barkley proposed that the June meeting be in Mrs. Gibbs office and that MuniCast be the only item on the agenda. He reported that he would advise Chief Pasqualini, Supervisor Mike Gallagher and Mrs. Gibbs of the Committee’s intentions with regards to the June meeting. He requested Mr. Daries to contact Mr. Swanson to make the arrangements for the June 26 th meeting.

The members discussed reviewing the Township’s contracts for union employees. Mr. Barkley advised that he would handle reviewing the contracts.

Update on Road Maintenance Presentation to the Board of Supervisors

Mr. Barkley inquired on Mr. Dallas’ presentation to the Board. Mr. Dallas reported on the discussion that took place at the Supervisors’ April Work Session; he feels that the Supervisors do understand the issues and that more funds are needed moving forward.

The members discussed incorporating the maintenance/funding information into the budget and MuniCast.

Update on Research Regarding Possible Grants Available/Alternative Revenue Sources

Mr. Barkley commented on the work being done by Mr. Poppel with regards to researching available grants. It was agreed that Mr. Wilson would take over and begin researching available grants.

Mr. Dallas reported on the grants available to emergency services. It was agreed that he would continue researching grants available to FEMA.

Discuss Goals for 2012 and 2013

The members agreed that goals for the upcoming year would be to finalize the MuniCast forecasting report, research grants available to the Township and to review and make recommendations to the Board with regards to the 2013 Capital Budget.


Format and Schedule Departments’ 2013 Capital Budget Requests

The members agreed that the Departments’ 2013 Capital Budget requests would not be discussed until after the new Township Manager starts.

The members discussed all Departments having a five year plan and that information being included in the MuniCast system.

Mr. Daries commented on the Departments using the Capital Budget requests form created last year with regards to having a five year plan.


The members discussed the Township’s Operating and Capital Budgets. It was agreed that the Township needs to develop a better way to plan for capital expenses.

Mr. Wilson commented on the loss of revenue to the Township and suggested that the matter be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

The members discussed the following items with regards to the Township:

  • Population aging.
  • Unemployment rates.
  • Council Rock School District.
  • Earned Income Tax.

It was agreed that Mr. Wilson would contact Supervisor Ciervo with regards to the School District’s population forecast. Mr. Barkley reported that Supervisor Mike Gallagher provided him with a contact at Community Economic Development in the Governor’s office and that he would check in to see what he could find out.

Mr. Barkley commented on the importance of providing the Board a forecasting tool.

Mr. Wilson suggested that the Committee have two meetings per month or have online meetings; he noted that he would contact the Technology Committee with regards to online meetings. Mr. Daries advised that any information could be emailed to the members. Mr. Barkley reported that for now the next meeting would be on June 26th.




There being no further business the meeting was duly adjourned at 8:32 P.M.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 26, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. and will be held in Mrs. Gibbs’ office.

Respectfully submitted,

Christy Holley-Flaherty, Recording Secretary