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Joint Planning Commission

Newtown Township is part of a Zoning Jointure with Wrightstown and Upper Makefield Townships. This Commission acts as an advisory board to the Joint Zoning Council, and assists in the review of planning issues and the Jointure's Comprehensive Plan. Members are appointed from among the members of the Townships’ respective Planning Commissions on a yearly basis. The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month, 8:00 PM, at the Upper Makefield Township Building.

Walter Wydro, Upper Makefield Township, Chairman
David Kulig, Upper Makefield Township
Frank E. Davis, Wrightstown Township
Robert Lloyd, Wrightstown Township
Jim Ott , Newtown Township
Jay Sensibaugh, Newtown Township
Maureen Wheatly, B.C. Planning Commission Contact
Ethel Hibbs, Recording Secretary


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