Minutes of the meeting held on April 7, 2011



The Newtown Area Joint Zoning Council met on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in the Meeting Room of the Wrightstown Township Municipal Building, 2203 Second Street Pike, Wrightstown, Pa.

Members present were Chester S. Pogonowski and Jane Magne representing Wrightstown Township Board of Supervisors, Dan Rattigan and David Kulig representing the Upper Makefield Township Board of Supervisors, Robert Ciervo representing the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors, Jeff Garton, Solicitor for the Council, and Lynn Bush, Executive Director of the Bucks County Planning Commission,

Solicitor Garton reported that there were no pending ordinances for action at this time. He stated that a determination is pending following the second appeal by Toll Brothers, Inc., to Ordinance #2010-01 Federal Cemetery Ordinance.

Consultant Lynn Bush distributed copies of proposed Ordinances covering topics Green, Solar, Wind & Outdoor wood-fired boilers and reviewed each. These have been mailed to Planning Commission members in the Jointure.

She stated dates have been scheduled for her to meet with Planning Commission members in Newtown and Upper Makefield Townships and will report those discussions to the Council at the meeting scheduled for June 2, 2011.

Ms. Bush distributed copies of an Ordinance entitled: “Adult Entertainment Uses”, being one previously adopted by Doylestown , for reference. Background information and desired accomplishments of a proposed Ordinance for the Council was reviewed. Policy direction to Ms. Bush and Solicitor Garton as they proceed with criteria will be an agenda item at a future meeting. Items to be discussed for inclusion will be uses, location(s), hours of operation, process for use approval.

Ms. Bush noted a response is expected on a prior Grant Application for the development of an historic ordinance which she applied for recently.

Ordinance Codification: Solicitor Garton stated he has contacted Solicitors Clemons and Rice (prior solicitors for the Council) to gather copies of Ordinances which will be included in an up-date supplied to Keystate Publishers, Inc., for inclusion to the Zoning Ordinance.

There will be no meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2011 due to an anticipated lack of agenda items since Planning Commissions will continue to review proposals before them and will have insufficient time to schedule proposed amendments.

In the interim, Chair Pogonowski and Treasurer Schenkman were authorized to issue payments for invoices which may be presented.

Privilege of the Floor: Member Ciervo reported on a proposed development before the Newtown Borough Council which indicates approximately 300 dwelling units, a parking garage and commercial sites for the former Stockburger property on South State Street in the borough and including the relocation of the Newtown Liquor Store to allow a 5-story parking garage on nine acres with entrances and exits on Centre Avenue and South State street.

Concerns included the impact to traffic as it plans to have entrances and exits in close proximity to Newtown Township thoroughfares.

By consensus, Solicitor Garton will prepare a letter indicating the concerns of Council members due to the high density of the proposed project and to increased traffic in the region. Chair Pogonowski was authorized to sign the letter for the Council .

Ms. Bush noted comments which had been sent to Borough Council in reviews by the Bucks County Planning Commission. She will e-mail the review letters to members of the Council.

Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting was duly adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ethel K. Hibbs, Secretary