Newtown Township

Planning Commission 

November 15, 2005

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The minutes of the previous meeting on 11/15/05 were presented and reviewed.  There were no changes.  Mr. Fidler made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Piazza seconded the motion.  The motion passed 5 to 0 with Mr. Bowe and Ms. Sanderlin abstaining and Mr. Mendicino not present for this vote.

The Newtown Township Planning Commission met on Tuesday, November 15, 2005, in the lower level Township meeting room. In attendance were: Chairman, Shawn Ward, Vice Chairman, Vince Lombardi, members: Jay Sensibaugh, Mike Piazza, Allen Fidler, Frank Mendicino, and Shannon Wilson excused: Jim Bowe and Beth Sanderlin. Also present were Solicitor Dave Sander, Engineer Chris Walker, Planner Judy Goldstein and Public Works Director, Tom Harwood.

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Ward called the meeting to order and introduced the Planning Commission members and support staff to the public that was present.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The minutes of the previous meeting on 10/18/2005 were presented and reviewed. There were no changes. Mr. Fidler made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Piazza seconded the motion. The motion passed 5 to 0 with Mr. Wilson abstaining and Mr. Lombardi not present for this vote.

1. WOLL TRACT MASTER PLAN: Andy Levine provided an update to the Planning Commission on the progress of the plan. Mr. Levine stated that little changes had been made since the previous update however; they were looking at relocating some of the parking area to another part of the park. Mr. Levine stated that the Park and Recreation was seeking feedback from the Planning Commission with regard to the overall layout. The issue of the signalization of the entrance on Route 413 was mentioned. Mr. Levine stated that unsignalized access from Route 413 was not acceptable but they cannot approach PENNDOT until there is a finalized plan. Mr. Levine stated that all other aspects of the plan with regard to layout and lighting remain the same. Mr. Levine stated that the basketball court surfacing is being discussed as to what type to install so that roller hockey can be accommodated. The issue of the setback lines on the plan was raised. Mr. Piazza asked about the buffer area. Mr. Walt Leck raised issue with placement of the various play areas in the park. Mr. Leck’s main concerns are with noise, traffic, the placement of the lights and hours of operation. The Planning Commission raised several issues with Mr. Levine to address on the plan. The Planning Commission requested Mr. Levine to look at placing the Babe Ruth field in a different part of the park. The Planning Commission requested Mr. Levine to maintain all setback areas per the current ordinance. The Planning Commission also requested that Mr. Levine work with Mr. Leck to inform him with regard to hours of operation.


a. Conditional Use – Homewood Suites (Cameron C. Triolo) Mr. Greg Gamble who was replacing Mr. Marshall this evening was present to represent the

The applicant is seeking approval for the removal of approximately 2,000 cubic yards of topsoil in association with a Land Development Plan for the renovation of an existing vacant industrial building to include a 67,398 square foot office space, a 3,300 square foot bank, and a 2,197 square foot café. Additionally, the plan proposes to construct a 100,000 square foot executive inn on the site. The site has frontage along Pheasant Run Road within the LI-Light Industrial Zoning District. The Planning Commission reviewed the specifications for the removal of the soil and requested that the Township have the right of first refusal with regard to the topsoil. Mr. Sensibaugh made a motion for the Planning Commission to recommend to the Board of Supervisors the approval of the applicant’s request with the following conditions:

Mr. Piazza seconded the motion. The Planning Commission voted 6 to 0 to approve the motion. Mr. Mendicino abstained from voting on the motion.

b. Land Development Plan: Delancey Court (f/k/a/ Lafayette Quarters) McGrath Homes: Tom Hecker representing the applicant provided an update on its plan for construction of 120 age-qualified residential townhouse units on a 41.3687 acre parcel. These are tax map parcels 29-3-33-1, 29-3-24, 29-3-35, and 29-3-36-2 and a portion of TMP 29-3-36 which the applicant proposes to consolidate and is seeking approval for rezoning from PS-2 to R-2 High Density Residential. Mr. Ward stated that there was no vote to be taken and the Planning Commission was receiving an update only. Mr. Fidler expressed concern about not having for review the correspondence from Boucher & James and Pennoni Associates. The restriction of the use of garages was discussed with Mr. Mendicino questioning who would enforce the restrictions. Mr. Hecker responded that the HOA would do the enforcement. A discussion with regard to width of streets to accommodate emergency equipment was discussed. Mr. Ward polled the Planning Commission members and they were in favor of a 32 foot wide street. Mr. Ward also stated that the Planning Commission would like to see uniformity with regard to street width. The impact on the wetlands was discussed. Mr. Walker, Township Engineer stated that the applicant would be seeking a variance to allow road crossings over the wetland. Mr. Ward polled the Commission members and they were in favor of having sidewalks on both sides of the street. Mr. Fidler stated his concern that all setback comply with current ordinances. Mr. Ward stated that this was only an update and the applicant will appear again in front of the Planning Commission for Land Development.


a. The Planning Commission reviewed and issued no comment to the Zoning Hearing Board on the following applications:

b. The Planning Commission voted 7 to 0 to request the Chairman, Mr. Ward, to express their concerns with regard to permitting commercial uses in residential associations for profit to the Zoning Board with regard to the following Zoning appeal:

4. SUBCOMMITTEE & LIAISON REPORTS The Chairman dispensed with the reports due to the late hour.

5. CORRESPONDENCE: No correspondence was discussed.

6. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was discussed.

7. NEW BUSINESS: No new business was discussed.

8. GENERAL DISCUSSION: There was no general discussion.

9. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:


Marian Stroup, Recording Secretary