A Reconstruction Project of Newtown Township




8:00 PM

Minutes of 1-22-02: Ms. Doorley moved to approve the minutes.The motion was seconded by Mr. Merjeski and passed unanimously.


The Sycamore Street Committee met on Tuesday, January 22, 2002, in the Newtown Township Municipal Building at 8:00 p.m.In attendance were Chairman Vince Lombardi, Vice Chairman Frank Tyrol, Members Joe Merjeski, Jerry DeYoung, Daniel Faust and Shannon Wilson, Borough Liaisons Cathy Fink and Rand Jaslow and Planning Commission members Karen Doorley, James Ott and James Bowe.


Also present were Supervisor Raymond W. Goodnoe, resident Mr. James Kurtz, resident Mr. Robert Williams and Katie OíToole from the Newtown paper, Focus on Newtown.


The Meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.


The committee members formally introduced themselves for the record.


Special Announcements: Mr. Lombardi announced the replacement of Carroll Engineering Corporation with Pennoni Associates Inc.

Minutes of 12-11-01: Mr. Merjeski moved to approve the minutes.The motion was seconded by Ms. Doorley and passed unanimously, with the new members abstaining.


Subcommittee and Liaison Reports:

A.                 Traffic & Safety: The traffic committee consists of members Mr. Merjeski, Mr. DeYoung, Mr. Burns and Chairman Mr. Lombardi.


Mr. Lombardi updated the committee on the status of the Newtown Artesian Water Company project.He advised he would speak with the new engineer and have him contact the Water Company.†††


Mr. Lombardi reported on the PECO Project.He advised the committee he has spoken with the project manager to see how the project is going.He was told they should be finished with the main in the next two weeks.Mr. Lombardi advised the committee when PECO has finished the main they will be working in the right-of-ways on laterals.That work will be done during day light hours.


B.                 Planning: The committee consists of the Planning Commission members Ms. Doorley, Mr. Ott and Mr. Bowe.


C.                 Grants: The grant committee consists of Ms. Fink and Mr. Bowe, after Mr. Bowe agreed to join at this eveningís meeting.


Mr. Lombardi advised the committee that Heritage Conservancy has an in-house grant person and they have agreed to lend us their services.They will analyze the grants that are available for the type of work we need to have done and we can then pursue them.


Mr. Lombardi explained to the committee members what would hopefully be accomplished with the grants and what grants have already been applied for.


Mr. Lombardi advised that the grant committee should contact Simone Jaffe Collins.

D.                 Community Relations: The community relations committee consists of members Mr. Burns, Mr. DeYoung, Mr. Merjeski and Chairman Mr. Lombardi.


Mr. Lombardi reported on the construction easements.He advised the committee that there are about 20 temporary construction easements to be signed by property owners.He advised the committee there would be two takings.The first one is the Trimac property.The second taking is at the northeast corner of Sycamore and Washington Streets.



Old Business:


New Business:


Mr. Lombardi advised the committee that McMahon Associates has requested to set up a status meeting for the new engineering company and the new committee members.Mr. Lombardi will advise committee members of the meeting date when made available.


General Discussion:


Mr. Wilson asked if the engineer is the one who contacts the contractor.Mr. Lombardi advised that is how it normally works.


Mr. Lombardi gave committee members an overview of past experiences with Pennoni Associates Inc.He advised he was pleased with their past performance.†††


Mr. Bowe gave an overview of the Capital Planning Committee projects per Mr. Lombardiís request.


The committee discussed how projects are reimbursed from the state.The committee discussed how to coordinate payment with the contractors.


Mr. Lombardi advised the committee that the next stage of the project would probably be let in the second quarter of 2002, which means June.We are still in the Step 9 status.


The committee discussed the switching of the Sycamore Street Enhancement Project from number 56 to number 16 with PennDot.


The committee discussed the progress of the Sycamore Street Project.


Committee members reviewed the Sycamore Street Enhancement Project plans.




A motion to adjourn was brought forth by Mr. DeYoung and seconded by Mr. Merjeski.The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.


The next scheduled meeting is February 12th.


Respectfully submitted:


Christy Holley, Recording Secretary