A Reconstruction Project of Newtown Township




8:00 PM

Approval of Minutes: Mr. Merjeski made a motion to approve the minutes of June 8, 2004 as presented.  Mr. McLean seconded; the motion carried, with abstention by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Ward.

Members Present: Chairman Vince Lombardi; Members John Nejman, Frank Tyrol, Joe Merjeski; HARB representative Terry McLean; Supervisor Tom Jirele.

Members Not Present: Members David Burns, Jr., Shannon Wilson, and Melva Vittoriano; Rand Jaslow, Borough Liaison; Barry Dinneen, Borough Representative; Planning Commission Liaisons Shawn Ward, Esq., Michael Piazza and Beth Sanderlin.

Also present: Nelson Shaffer representing Pennoni Associates Inc.; Robert Bebon representing Newtown Presbyterian Church; Tom McLearnon representing Chandler Hall; resident James Kurtz.

Call to Order: Chairman Lombardi called the meeting to order at 7:55 PM. Mr. Lombardi thanked Mr. McLearnon for hosting the meeting.

The Committee briefly discussed the site tour taken prior to the meeting, and decided they would like to tour the site again just before next month’s meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. McLean made a motion to approve the minutes of May 11, 2004 with the following corrections:

Ø       Old Business, Item C, last line of the first paragraph:  change “inlet” to “outlet”

Ø       Old Business, Item D, No. 1:  in the motion by Mr. Piazza, change “Board of Supervisors” to “Tri-State Engineers”

Ø       Old Business, Item D, No. 2:  in the motion by Mr. Tyrol, change “Board of Supervisors” to “Tri-State Engineers”

Ø       New Business, Item A, second paragraph:  change “township employee” to “committee members”

Ø       New Business, Item b, first paragraph:  add bold:  “…he said he would like the meetings…”

Mr. Merjeski seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Special Announcements - None


Status Reports

A. Bypass Left Turn Lane Project

Mr. Shaffer reported that work on along the Bypass is going well and that no complaints had been received. He said he appreciated everyone’s patience while they worked out the work arrangements with the contractor to keep the intersections open during construction.

B. East Coast Concrete Request

Mr. Shaffer said they had attended a work meeting earlier in the evening. Mr. Shaffer said the township requested additional details regarding which properties would be affected by daytime work. He said they would be looking to the committee to reach out to residents affected by the sidewalk work. Mr. Lombardi said residents would be informed of alternative parking available when their property is involved; local parking places will be provided. He said that Bill Marsh Ford, the church and Chandler Hall would work with the committee to help provide parking. Mr. Lombardi said that 2 x 4 ramps would enable residents to get to their cars while work is being done; special arrangements are being made for a handicapped resident. It was clarified that the stamped concrete sidewalks would continue across driveways. Mr. Shaffer noted that the construction area would be secured for safety.

Mr. Shaffer said that sidewalk work should begin in about a week. Mr. Jirele noted that the Board of Supervisors had discussed the sidewalk work and felt that if there were daylight work the contractor should oversee the work. He suggested informing the baseball league of the sidewalk work so they would be aware of this work near the ballpark.

C. Look Ahead - Haines & Kibblehouse

Mr. Shaffer reported that the four-week rolling schedule is moving along. He said that in the week of June 7 – 13 the sub-base would be installed and that H & K would begin to form concrete curbing and run conduit for lighting and fixtures. Mr. Shaffer said that once the first section is completed the final results would become more evident. He reported that the job meeting had gone well today, and that H & K was doing a good job.

Mr. Lombardi said a procedure had been established to deal with any problems, and distributed an incident report form. He said it was important to have a record of any and all incidents, and asked committee members to contact him with any suggested changes to the form. Mr. Jirele suggested an additional section at the bottom of the form to note resolution information. Mr. McLearnon suggested adding a section for description of the issue/problem. Mr. Merjeski suggested posting the incident report procedure on the website. Mr. Shaffer said his greatest concern was problem resolution and making the residents happy; he said there would be some incidents, and that it was important to document the issues and find resolution. Mr. Shaffer said he hoped that residents would come to the committee first, instead of the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Jirele suggested that to whom residents should report problems should be clarified. Mr. Shaffer said that for now Kam Patel, Pennoni’s on-site inspector, should be called with issues, at 215-504-7426 (in the trailer.)

Mr. Lombardi said that the Community Relations subcommittee would maintain the incident report records. The issue will be added to the agenda for further discussion at next month’s meeting.

D. Newtown Creek Restoration – Tri State Engineers Progress on Final Plan

Mr. Shaffer said he had passed along the details related to the stone wall to Tri-State. He said he is working on additional details and should have final information for the committee to finalize at the next meeting. Mr. Lombardi said he would like Jim Tambourino to make the presentation to the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Jirele suggested that the presentation be made during a July BOS meeting, increasing the chance that the work could be completed by summer’s end. Mr. Shaffer said they would like to the keep the wall near the creek to about 6’ high; an intermediate wall may be needed to match grade. Mr. Wilson’s landscape designs may need to be modified if the wall configuration is changed. Mr. Shaffer said he was working with solicitor Dave Sander to finalize easements, and that Tri-State was doing a good job.

Miscellaneous Discussion

Acme Site: Mr. Jirele reported the township is attempting to arrange a friendly purchase of the Acme site; the issue was discussed in executive session of the Board of Supervisors meeting. Some proposals for site development have been received; Mr. Jirele said he would keep the committee informed.

Road Improvement Awards Program: Mr. Jirele reported that the state is sponsoring Road Improvement Awards, and said that the Sycamore Street Project could be a candidate for recognition. He suggested the construction be documented and said that applications would be available next winter. Mr. Jirele suggested taking photos of all elements of the projects, including the creek restoration and water/drainage issues; he will watch for further information regarding the program. Mr. Shaffer said that the Sycamore Street Project would be an ideal candidate for an improvement award, as it is located in a historic district and involves improvements to sidewalks, lighting, drainage, and natural resources such as the creek.

Utility Poles: There was a question regarding the number of poles being installed. Mr. Lombardi asked committee members to bring all letters received from PECO and/or related issues to himself or Nelson. Nelson said he would question the number of poles being planned, considering the streetscape; he will try to minimize the number of poles.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2004. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm on Sycamore Street, and will continue at 8:00 pm at Chandler Hall.


On motion by Mr. Merjeski, and without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary