A Reconstruction Project of Newtown Township




8:00 PM

Approval of Minutes: Mr. Ward made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2004 meeting, with the following correction: under Construction Site, second line, after “He said” – insert “ between Cambridge Lane and the 7-11 driveway”. Mr. McLean seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Members Present: Members John Nejman, Joe Merjeski, Frank Tyrol; HARB representative Terry McLean; Planning Commission Liaison Shawn Ward, Esq.; Supervisor Tom Jirele

Members Not Present: Chairman Vince Lombardi; Members David Burns, Jr., Melva Vittoriano and Shannon Wilson; Rand Jaslow, Borough Liaison; Barry Dinneen, Borough Representative; Planning Commission Liaisons Beth Sanderlin and Michael Piazza.

Also present: Nelson Shaffer representing Pennoni Associates Inc.; Tom McLearnon representing Chandler Hall; John Hunter representing Pennoni Associates; Robert Bebon representing Newtown Presbyterian Church; business owner Robert Thomas.

Call to Order: In the absence of the Chairman, Mr. Tyrol called the meeting to order at 8:15 PM.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Merjeski made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 12, 2004 meeting, with the following correction: under New Business, replace “in on the side” with “into the site.” Mr. McLean seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Construction Site

Mr. Shaffer showed some photos of the creek bed restoration project and construction site. He reported that they are working on the ponding near Citgo and on relocating a pole at the Citgo station corner. He said between Cambridge Lane and the 7-11 driveway they would build a stone face on the jersey barrier on site, and would pour the sidewalk up to the barrier, which will have a stone cap. Mr. Shaffer said they are discussing the possibility of installing bollards or some kind of marker to indicate bump outs during the winter when snowplowing.


Status Reports

A. Bypass Left Turn Lane Project – Nelson Shaffer

Mr. Shaffer reported that the project is close to completion and said the last utility issues have been resolved. He said PennDOT did not install the requested fancier walls, but did extend the jersey barriers. He said they are waiting for poles but that the project should be complete by Thanksgiving.

B. Newtown Creek Restoration – Update – Nelson Shaffer

Mr. Shaffer reported that progress is being made and showed “slides” of the project. He said they are placing block on the lower wall and showed the choices for stone color on the upper wall: Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend or Pewter Blend. Mr. McLean said he and Mr. Lombardi recommend the Pewter Blend. Mr. Shaffer said that InterGeo is doing a good job; Tri-State is inspecting the project.

Mr. Ward moved to accept the recommendation of Mr. McLean for Pewter Blend stone on the upper course of the wall of the creek restoration. Mr. Merjeski seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

C. Community Relations Committee Report – Joe Merjeski

Mr. Merjeski said he had spoken with Dennis Hullmann who noted that if the top paving coat was to be put down on Phase 1 that a decision needed to be made about the sidewalks on the west side. It was clarified that they are awaiting approval for the sidewalks on the west side; Mr. Shaffer said that Mr. Pellegrino is trying to meet with Andy Warren, since this is the ideal time to do the sidewalks. He said they are trying to get PennDOT to agree to pick up the cost if there are not enough funds leftover at the end of the project; however, it is expected that there will be funds leftover. Mr. Shaffer said they are hoping for an answer from Mr. Warren tomorrow. Mr. Shaffer noted that money would be saved by doing the sidewalks now rather than in the spring.

Mr. Merjeski said that work would begin soon on the Stockburger side of Sycamore and that Armour Electric would need to do work there. He said he would contact Mr. Stockburger about moving cars during the construction; Mr. Shaffer said they should have the work along Stockburger’s completed in about six days. Mr. Shaffer said they would be installing a small brick wall along the Stockburger property, with a small rail on the wall to discourage sitting and climbing. Mr. Shaffer said they must have a good length of dry weather to install the wall. It was clarified that light standards on the Stockburger lot needed to be relocated; Mr. Shaffer will work with them on placement.

Mr. Merjeski noted the goal is to have all barricades on Sycamore Street gone by Thanksgiving. Mr. Merjeski said that two checks had been approved by the Supervisors on October 27, 2004, but had not yet been received. Mr. Shaffer said they might not have been sent yet; Mr. Jirele will look into the matter.

D. Haines & Kibblehouse – update/look ahead

Mr. Shaffer said they are pushing to get done quickly, with mindfulness to making sure things would be completed under appropriate conditions. He said there is some discussion regarding work on drainage issues between Jefferson Street and Washington Avenue; this is weather conditioned. He clarified that after the moratorium period construction would begin as soon as possible in January. Mr. Shaffer said that streetlights should go in soon; road construction should be done by Thanksgiving.





Next Meetings: The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14, 2004; holiday celebration to follow.


On motion by Mr. Wilson, and without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary