A Reconstruction Project of Newtown Township




8:00 PM

Approval of the Minutes: The minutes of the February 14, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved by the Committee.

Members Present: Chairman Vince Lombardi; Members Melva Vittoriano, John Nejman and Shannon Wilson; Planning Commission Liaison, Shawn Ward, Esq.

Members Not Present: Members David Burns, Frank Tyrol and Joe Merjeski; Borough Liaison Rand Jaslow (due to meeting conflict with Borough Council meeting); Planning Commission Liaisons Michael Piazza and Beth Sanderlin; HARB representative Terry McLean; Township Supervisor Tom Jirele.

Also present: Nelson Shaffer representing Pennoni Associates Inc., Bob Thomas

Call to Order: Mr. Lombardi called the meeting to order at 8:05 PM.


Snow Removal Problems

Mr. Lombardi noted that after the last snow storm the snow was not piled up in the parking spaces, but that the parking spaces were cleared after several days. Mr. Shaffer reported that he had met with Township Manager Robert M. Pellegrino to discuss snow removal issues. He distributed a memo dated 2/14/06 detailing discussions with the township regarding snow removal; the following items were addressed:

Mr. Lombardi suggested that the snow be put into the parking spaces initially rather than pushed up onto properties; Mr. Shaffer said this could be difficult in some cases. Mr. Wilson suggested that this might be a big request; Mr. Lombardi said that in previous years dump trucks had removed snow from intersections and other areas along the street. Mr. Ward said the onus should not be on business owners to clear out the sidewalks within 24 hours since the plowing deposited additional snow there; Mr. Thomas suggested a grace period be given to clear sidewalks. Mr. Shaffer noted that the issues in the memo represented a compromise with the township, and said that the committee should stay on top of the plowing issues and ask Mr. Pellegrino to relay concerns to the plow operators. The consensus of the committee was that the recent plowing was better than that done in the previous storm.

Open Spaces

Mr. Wilson presented two designs for the area in front of Tasteful Teas on the corner of Swamp Road and Sycamore Street, which included two seals and highlighted the spring house. He said the designs were similar and he would like feedback from the committee. Mr. Wilson clarified that the area was approximately 24 x 18, and noted that a proposed retaining wall would be 18 to 2 high; Mr. Wilson said Mr. Shasha would have no objections to the work in this area. It was clarified that an easement would be needed; Mr. Wilson said he would have a cost estimate for the next meeting.

Mr. Wilson said the open space near the old church only needed cleanup and trimming; he suggested the planting of rhododendrons, which would be hardy and easy to maintain. He distributed photos of the area and suggested moving the vibernum and removing the white pine trees to open up the walkway and make the area more visible. Mr. Wilson said he would be receiving two quotes for pre-emergent treatment and spring clean up of the area.

Mr. Lombardi said that there may be some funding available for open space projects through the Joint Downtown Newtown Corporation; he will meet with Ms. Ortwein on Thursday and get additional information. Mr. Lombardi noted that the Community Relations committee would be meeting tomorrow morning. He suggested the proposed seals be brass, and said there may be a connection to someone who could produce the seals through Terry McLean; Mr. Wilson will contact Mr. McLean. Mr. Shaffer said he might have additional information, which he would pass along to Mr. Wilson.

Replacement of Flags

Ms. Vittoriano distributed information regarding flag replacement costs, clarifying that the quote was from the same company the flags were originally ordered from. She said the cost for 40 flags would be $600. Mr. Ward suggested that Mr. Merjeski might be able to get flags for less cost through Bill Marsh Ford. Ms. Vittoriano suggested that the flags could be picked up instead of shipped, to save shipping charges. Mr. Ward suggested saving any flag poles being replaced for possible re-use later.

Planting Beds

Mr. Lombardi distributed noted regarding planting beds from the discussion at the last meeting. Mr. Wilson suggested adding instructions, standards, and ideas for maintenance. It was clarified that the township has agreed to pay for chemicals for spring applications and that interested persons would maintain the beds as existing, including weeding and cutting back plants in the fall. Mr. Wilson said he had designed the fully planted beds for color and low maintenance. Mr. Nejman suggested that affording persons maintaining beds an opportunity to plant additional items; Mr. Lombardi said that perhaps volunteers could be assessed after a year to see if they wished to plant additional items. Mr. Wilson said he would add expectations and instructions to the planting beds information. Mr. Thomas asked about the trees; Mr. Wilson said the newly planted trees look better than the original, but that they would need to see how they look in the spring. Mr. Lombardi noted that Mr. Merjeski wishes to maintain the open space area near the church.

Punch List

Mr. Lombardi said the punch list was large, but that most items had been completed. He said the items still to be addressed included mostly landscaping, issues at 7-11, and a few signal issues; he will copy the list for the community relations committee. Mr. Lombardi said he would look into the numbering of the streetlights.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mr. Lombardi suggested putting the ceremony on hold for now, and noted there had been a commitment by the township for funding of the celebration.


Mr. Thomas asked about the possibility of a traffic light at Silo Drive; Mr. Shaffer said he is working on it.



Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at Chandler Hall.


Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie P. Dunleavy, Recording Secretary