Newtown Township

Technology Committee

Minutes of the meeting of November 25, 2008

The Newtown Township Technology Committee met on November 25, 2008 in the lower level meeting room. In attendance were: Chairman Edward Lipski and members Jim Bowe and Richard Thompson.

Due to scheduling conflicts of members, this meeting lacked a quorum.

Mr. Lipski reported that he had met with Park and Recreation Director Kathy Pawlenko and had attended the most recent Park and Recreation Board meeting. The Park and Rec Department has indicated that it would like help in making better use of available technology in order to continue to provide current levels of service. Mrs. Pawlenko has been promoted to Director, leaving the department short staffed. The Department has also lost its ability to distribute program information in the schools, limiting its ability to promote programming to residents. He outlined possible areas where the Technology Committee could be helpful, including providing guidance to update the Web site to be more responsive and investigating the use of on-line registration. He suggested that the Committee set this project as a goal for the coming new year.

The members agreed that the December meeting would be canceled, as it falls during a holiday week when members would not be available to attend.


Respectfully Submitted:


Mary Donaldson, Recording Secretary