MINUTES OF MAY 15, 2002: Walt Iwaskiw moved to approve the minutes of May 15, 2002. The motion was seconded by James Bowe and passed unanimously.

Members Present: James Bowe, Chairman and Walt Iwaskiw, Vice Chairman Representing Newtown Township and Ernie Bancroft, Member, Representing Newtown Borough. Not in attendance are Dr. Joe Ugras, Member and Scott Harp, Liaison, Representing Newtown Township and Stuart Myles, Treasurer, Representing Newtown Borough.

Also present were Michael Sinback and Joseph Czajkowski representing Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. and Newtown resident James Manahan.


Vice Chairman Walt Iwaskiw called the meeting to order at 7:50 p.m.


Due to the lack of a quorum the committee could not officially meet and take any action.


The minutes of March 20, 2002 will be approved at the meeting June 19, 2002, meeting.




The committee discussed the status of the property belonging to Kelly Rufus, a resident of Newtown Crossing. James Bowe updated Joe Czajkowski on the problem. Michael Sinback advised the committee that the soil has tested clean. James Bowe advised he would telephone Kelly Rufus.

The committee discussed the construction that has taken place in the past year. The committee agreed that overall the construction went well with very few problems.

Walt Iwaskiw asked how Comcast was coming along with the information the committee had requested in reference to the Internet/Email service outages. Joseph Czajkowski advised the committee that Comcast is still working on it. He did provide the committee with some information related to cable and online services for central Bucks County. Walt Iwaskiw asked Joe Czajkowski when Comcast would have something to provide the committee. Michael Sinback advised he would speak with his email department and get back to Walt Iwaskiw.

Joe Czajkowski advised the committee that the OTN has been approved. Mike Sinback thanked the committee for any help they had provided. Mike Sinback advised the committee on how the site would be used. Mike Sinback advised he was waiting to hear from Pennoni before the project can begin.

The committee discussed the programming of Channel 58. Joe Czajkowski advised the committee on what some of the other local townships are doing.

Joe Czajkowski advised the committee he had received a telephone call from Scott Harp in reference to pedestal issues.

James Bowe advised he has spoken to Michael Sinback in reference to Tyler Walk. Michael Sinback advised the problems would be addressed.

The committee asked Comcast if they would still be supporting the Tyler Tasting and First Fourth. Comcast advised they would.

Walt Iwaskiw asked Comcast if they have the ability to run tapes at their facility for the township. Michael Sinback advised that Comcast doesn’t have that ability.

James Bowe asked Comcast if they have any old equipment to get rid off, the committee would be interested. Michael Sinback advised he would keep it in mind.


Walt Iwaskiw advised the committee he would be meeting with Tom Harwood this coming Friday to discuss Satellite Dishes.


James Bowe advised he has not written correspondence to Marsha Skull at Newtown Borough in reference to the Newtown Borough Liaison and the status of Stuart Myles.

The committee discussed the status of the Newtown Borough Liaison.

James Bowe advised the committee that Joe Ugras is resigning from the cable committee. James Bowe advised he would still like to keep Joe Ugras up to date on the committee’s status.

The committee discussed member attendance. Walt Iwaskiw advised he would continue to send an email to committee members to verify their attendance at the upcoming meeting. The committee decided not to have the recording secretary telephone members to verify their attendance.

Walt Iwaskiw advised he was waiting to hear from Ron Weaver to discuss the Volunteer Video Group.

The members discussed the possibility of increasing the number of members on the committee.

The committee discussed where to hold the monthly meetings. The committee will continue to hold the meeting at LaSalle University, if for some reason a room is not available the committee would meet at BCCC.


Walt Iwaskiw made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Ernie Bancroft. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2002.


Respectfully submitted:


Christy Holley, Recording Secretary