Minutes of September 18, 2002:  James Manahan moved to approve the minutes of September 18, 2002. The motion was seconded by Ernie Bancroft and passed unanimously. The committee also discussed the approval of the September minutes.  Walt Iwaskiw verified he had no changes to the September minutes.  Ernie Bancroft voted to approve the minutes even though he did not attend the September meeting.  Members questioned if that was allowed.  After researching Roberts Rules of Order and speaking with the Township Solicitor it was determined to be ok for Ernie Bancroft to vote.

Members Present: James Bowe, Chairman; Walt Iwaskiw, Vice Chairman; James Manahan, Member; Scott Harp, Liaison, and Dave Sanders, Township Solicitor, Representing Newtown Township. Not in attendance is Ernie Bancroft, Member Representing Newtown Borough. 

Also present were Joseph Sullock representing Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. and representing The Ridings are Newtown residents Ed Ott, Steve Ripans, John Bradley and Attorney Robert A. Godwin. 


Chairman James Bowe called the meeting to order at 8:25 p.m.

MINUTES OF August 21, 2002: 

Walt Iwaskiw moved to approve the minutes of August 21, 2002. The motion was seconded by James Bowe and passed unanimously.



The committee discussed the volunteer video group.  Members will set-up rules for the volunteers to follow.  James Bowe will discuss with other local cable committees. 


The committee discussed the issues with the pedestals in The Ridings community.  The residents feel there are too many pedestals.  They would like Comcast to relocate the pedestals to a central location and then landscape the area.  If possible the residents would like the pedestals to be co-located with the other utilities.  Residents advised that Comcast didn’t have a permit and also the builder advised all utilities would be underground. Dave Sanders advised he would research with the codes department to see if Comcast had a permit and if not, were they fined.   There are approximately 52 pieces of Comcast equipment for 100 houses.  Ed Ott advised that per Lucent Technologies 4 pedestals would be enough for their community.  Residents advised they submitted a plan to Comcast in regards to the relocation of the pedestals. The Comcast representative advised he would visit the site to review the situation.  Scott Harp asked Comcast to look for the prior plan submitted by the Ridings.  Scott Harp asked the Ridings’ representatives to update the utility information.  James Bowe advised he would like to get started ASAP resolving this situation.  James Bowe described the issues the Tyler Walk community had and how Comcast resolved the problem.  James Bowe advised he would keep everyone up to date with the resolution of this issue. 

James Bowe advised the committee on the financial statements received from Comcast (10Q Form). 

The committee discussed the price increase for High-Speed Internet service.  Members will discuss further with Joseph Czajkowski at the next meeting. 

The committee discussed the Comcast franchise fee calculations for the 2nd quarter of 2002.  James Bowe advised revenue is used to pay for consultant fees. 

Members discussed the Voice over IP Service.  How will the bandwidth be effected?  What rights does the township have?  Committee members will look into these additional services and how they effect equipment use. 

The committee discussed what their limits are in reference to questioning Comcast. 

Members discussed the Pennsylvania Cable Network Channel.  Committee would discuss further with Comcast. 


Walt Iwaskiw advised the committee on Tom Harwood’s response in reference to Satellite Dishes. 


The committee discussed a possible lead with regards to cable competition, Patriot Media out of Boston, Massachusetts.  They are a cable competitor in Princeton, New Jersey.  James Bowe will try to meet with a representative of the Princeton area cable committee.  Committee members will research further. 

Members discussed the following: 

Ø       Revising the Cable Ordinance.  Increasing the size of the committee.  Changing the name of the cable committee.  Putting more focus on telecommunications.  Members would like to have something by 1st of the new year. 

Ø       Expanding on what the committee advises the BOS. 

Ø       Correspondence received from Fred Polner to Robert Pellegrino. 

Ø       Having packets for new members. 

Scott Harp advised he would speak with Mark Craig in reference to the Newtown Borough Liaison and committee members. 

Members agreed to discuss revising the cable ordinance further at the October meeting.  Once the committee has a new draft they would present it to the BOS. 


Walt Iwaskiw made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by James Manahan.  The motion carried unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2002. 


Respectfully submitted:


Christy Holley, Recording Secretary