MINUTES OF MARCH 19, 2003: James Manahan moved to approve the minutes of March 19, 2003. The motion was seconded by Patrick Foster and passed unanimously.

Members Present: James Bowe, Chairman; Walt Iwaskiw, Vice Chairman; James Manahan, Member; and Scott Harp, Liaison Representing Newtown Township; and Rand Jaslow, Liaison, Representing Newtown Borough.

Also present were Joseph Czajkowski representing Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. and Newtown Borough resident Patrick Foster.


Chairman James Bowe called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.


James Bowe advised he had one change to the minutes, on page 2, Cornell’s name is still appearing on correspondence from Comcast, not on the Comcast brochure. Walt Iwaskiw moved to approve the minutes of February 19, 2003. The motion was seconded by James Manahan and passed unanimously.


Rand Jaslow introduced Patrick Foster a possible new committee member. Patrick Foster would represent Newtown Borough. Patrick Foster gave a brief history on himself. Members welcomed Patrick Foster to the committee.

James Bowe updated the members on the status of the discussions related to the Cable TV Advisory Board at the BOS work session March 17, 2003. He advised the members that committee membership, the volunteer video group and an agreement with CRSD were discussed. With regards to the Council Rock agreement Dave Sander, the township solicitor, will draft an agreement between the township and CRSD. With regards to the volunteer video group, the BOS would be interested in showing taped Borough and Township local events on Channel 23. He advised that Ron Weaver has provided him with a video camera. With regards to membership – see Old Business.

The committee discussed an email from Walt Iwaskiw regarding the New York Times Article on Comcast.


Members discussed the volunteer video group and the content of what is taped. Members agreed the goals need to be defined. Members agreed to discuss in further detail at another meeting. Joseph Czajkowski suggested contacting Dave Bayshore with Radnor Township. Members agreed to invite a representative from Radnor Township to a meeting.


The committee discussed the new scope. With regards to committee membership, the numbers would be four (4) and two (2) with one (1)-floating member. Scott Harp advised he would discuss with Marcia Scull.


The committee discussed the status of The Ridings. Joseph Czajkowski advised the committee that Comcast has received the information they were waiting for from The Ridings representatives. The Ridings desire to have underground vaults in their community. Comcast is reviewing the information regarding the underground vaults. James Bowe asked to see a copy of the information. Joseph Czajkowski advised he would provide copies.

Walt Iwaskiw advised he has been having problems with his cable equipment. Comcast advised him that the problems were due to the weather and heavy snowmelt.

The committee discussed Newtown Light Industrial District. Joseph Czajkowski advised that Comcast is looking into the cost of running the cable equipment. Members discussed the franchise agreement, which Comcast advised they are working on. Members would like a possible date for construction to be scheduled. Joseph Czajkowski advised he would have more information at the April meeting. Members advised they are very interested in this project.

Comcast advised the committee on two new channels. Channel 121 will be a Do-It Yourself channel and Channel 122 will be a Fine Living channel.

The committee discussed Comcast’s channel packages. Joseph Czajkowski explained how the analog system works.

Committee members discussed the Comcast cable package prices.

Committee members discussed the OTN.

The committee discussed advertising on the township’s cable channels. Walt Iwaskiw asked Joseph Czajkowski to research with Comcast.

Walt Iwaskiw asked about Comcast’s next upgrade. Joseph Czajkowski advised that at this time Comcast is not planning any massive system wide upgrades and that the Newtown area has all the latest cable technologies.

The committee discussed the PCN channel for the state. Joseph Czajkowski advised that Comcast is in negotiations with PCN. Members advised they really want the township to have this channel. Joseph Czajkowski suggested having the BOS draft correspondence to Comcast with regards to this matter. He also advised that if Comcast does get the channel it would not be on the standard tier.


The committee discussed the following:


Walt Iwaskiw made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by James Manahan. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2003. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., in the Newtown Borough Hall.


Respectfully submitted:


Christy Holley, Recording Secretary