MINUTES OF JANUARY 7, 2004: James Bowe moved to approve the minutes of January 7, 2004. The motion was seconded by James Manahan and passed unanimously, with 1 member abstaining.

Members Present: James Bowe, Chairman; Walt Iwaskiw, Vice Chairman; and James Manahan, Member Representing Newtown Township; Rand Jaslow, Liaison Representing Newtown Borough.  Not in attendance was Scott Harp, Liaison Representing Newtown Township and Patrick Foster, Member Representing Newtown Borough. 

Not present was Joseph Czajkowski representing Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. 


Chairman James Bowe called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m. 


James Bowe made a motion to appoint Walt Iwaskiw as Chairman for the year 2004.  The motion was seconded by James Manahan and passed unanimously. 

The committee members agreed to postpone the vote for Vice Chairman until all members were present. 


Walt Iwaskiw moved to approve the minutes of December 17, 2003.  The motion was seconded by James Manahan and passed unanimously. 


The committee members discussed the goals for the year 2004. 

§          Finalizing the proposed revised cable ordinance.

§          Schedule a meeting with the local Colleges/Universities to discuss possible content for the Township’s cable channels and any 
      problems they may be having with Comcast.

§          Select a member to attend the Joint Cable Board meetings.

§          Educate the Township/Borough residents that the cable committee is here to help should they be having any problems with Comcast 
      and customer service.

§          Schedule a meeting with the local townships regarding cable.

§          Continue looking to bring cable competition to Newtown.  



The committee members discussed an email received from Joseph Czajkowski advising he could not attend tonight’s meeting, but updating the members on the following:  

§          Newtown Industrial Commons

§          The Ridings of Newtown

§          Programming Changes

§          Holiday Lights

§          Newtown OTN

§          Newtown First Night

§          Council Rock School District 

The committee discussed the email with regards to the Newtown Industrial Commons.  Comcast advised the project is ¾ complete.  The project has been delayed due to snow and rain.  Comcast’s construction department estimates the project should be completed by the end of the month. 

The committee discussed the email with regards to The Ridings of Newtown.  Comcast advised there have been no changes. 

The committee discussed the email with regards to programming changes.  Comcast advised that Starz On-Demand and Starz HD have been added to the digital lineup.  Also added Get Local On-Demand, which features content of local interest.  Comcast is now carrying CBS HD and Cinemax HD.  FOX wide-screen has been added until FOX goes HD. 

The committee discussed the email with regards to holiday lights.  Rand Jaslow advised that a crew from Comcast did help install holiday lights in the Borough.  Members discussed asking Comcast to offer more help with community projects. 

The committee discussed the email with regards to the Newtown OTN.  Comcast advised that work on the OTN has been completed and it is now operational.  Members discussed the appearance of the OTN.   Walt Iwaskiw suggested drafting an email concerning a generator, truck parking and damaged shrubs.  Members agreed it was a good idea.  Walt Iwaskiw will draft email to Joseph Czajkowski.    

The committee discussed the email with regards to Newtown First Night.  Comcast advised they continue to be a major sponsor of the Newtown First Night celebration. 

The committee discussed the email with regards to Council Rock School District.  Comcast advised they are working with the CRSD to enable them to broadcast from the Chancellor Street Building.  Also, Comcast is working to get the Bucks County Community College signal to the High School to allow for the programming of the Education Channel.  Walt Iwaskiw suggested contacting the BCCC requesting more information.  James Bowe advised he would look into the matter.  Members discussed correspondence received from Fred Polner, dated April 11, 2003, regarding the Newtown Education Channel and the proposed Education Channel License Agreement.  Members agreed to research the matter further.  


The committee discussed the following: 

§          Changing meeting night to the first Wednesday of the Month.  Rand Jaslow advised the change in meeting night works well with the 
      Newtown Borough Hall’s schedule.

§          Comcast advertising on Comcast.

§          RCN.

§          James Bowe advised that once the proposed revised cable ordinance has been approved he has a possible new member from the 
      township for the committee.

§          The videotape Walt Iwaskiw provided regarding content for the township’s community channel.

§          Asking the BOS/Borough Council what areas of telecommunications they would like the committee to advise them on.

§          Requesting to meet with the BOS at a work session. 


James Bowe made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Walt Iwaskiw.  The motion carried unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. 

Committee members thank James Bowe for a successful year. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4, 2004.   The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., in the Newtown Borough Hall.  


Respectfully submitted:


Christy Holley, Recording Secretary