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Clark Nature Center - Passive Park

This 50.6 acre park is located on Durham Road (Rt. 413). This park was purchased from Lyman and Mary Clark in 1997 which includes the original house, garage and barn. There is a wilderness trail that loops the entire property along two seasonal streams. Hikers can escape the daily hustle and bustle and take in all the sites and sounds of nature. If you are quiet enough, you may see turkey, deer, and the numerous species of birds that call this park home.

Clark Property – History of Ownership

  • October 27 & 28, 1681 - William Penn conveyed to Christopher Taylor 5000 acres, 564 of which in Newtown.
  • June 2, 1702 – Israel and Joseph Taylor, sons of Christopher, conveyed 564 acres to Samuel Hough (DB p100). Samuel Hough sold his land in a number of transactions, Northern Portion, Middle Portion, and Southern Portion. The southern land included the lower part of the Country Lot and the entire Town Lot of Samuel Hough passed to William Buckman through an unknown conveyance about 1702.
  • April 4, 1716 (proved August 26, 1716) - William Buckman in his will left his land that he purchased from Samuel Hough to his son William Buckman, Jr.
  • 1750 - Buckman, Jr. sold to his son John Buckman
  • 1790 - John Buckman willed to his son John Buckman, Jr.
  • 1807 - Buckman, Jr. purchased 158 acres from nephew, William Buckman, 4th.
  • 1833 - John Buckman, Jr. dies
  • 1838 - The estate of John Buckman, Jr. sold 50 acres and 120 perches of land to Stacy Buckman. “It appears that Stacy Buckman built the house that today stands on the property soon after his purchase, and the property remained in his family until 1891. It was given the name Mount Pleasant”
  • October 29, 1891 – George B. Buckman and Marianna Hpilborn, executors of the last will and testament of Stacy Buckman sold to Isaac Eyer.
  • October 30, 1891 - Isaac Eyer sold to George V. Doan
  • April 1, 1910 - George V. Doan sold to John Lownes
  • March 31, 1923 - John Lownes sold to John Mast
  • March 27, 1931 – In a sheriffs sale, Cheltenham Building & Loan Association, No. 2 bought the property for $130.59.
  • May 29, 1935 - Cheltenham Building & Loan Association, No. 2 to Lyman Clark for one dollar.
  • July 5, 1935 – Lyman Clark sold to John M. McCoy for one dollar
  • July 5, 1935 – John M. McCoy sold to Lyman and Mary Clark for one dollar.
  • December, 1997 – Lyman and Mary Clark sold 50.632 acres to Newtown Township which will be preserved in perpetuity as Open Space.

Source: A History of Land Ownership, Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1683 – 1850, by Thomas C. Mayer, Newtown Historic Association


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