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Newtown Township Police recently issued soliciting permits to multiple representatives from Commerce Energy, an organization that provides cost comparisons regarding electric and natural gas services as well as hoping to acquire new customers. I met with some of the representatives at police headquarters on Tuesday September 30, 2014 to review their approach to residents of Newtown Township. I learned that they frequently ask to see the residents’ Peco bills, which caused me concern about personal information displayed on the statement. The representative I was speaking with showed me the specific area of the bill that they are interested in, a sample is attached through the link below. I told the members that they need to be mindful of the residents’ hesitation to open the door and hand over a utility bill to anyone. I further explained that it is common courtesy for a solicitor to respect the rights of our residents to decline to speak with them and they should leave immediately when asked to. Our officers have and will continue to respond to any calls about anyone going door-to-door in our community. Please don’t hesitate to call our twenty-four hour radio dispatcher at (215) 598-7121 and an officer will respond to check the area.  

If someone comes to your door and you feel uncomfortable at all – DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.  It is helpful if you can provide a description of the person(s) as well as a description of any vehicle.  Anyone soliciting business should have applied for and received a permit from our department.  In order for a permit to be issued the applicant must provide police with an up to date criminal history report, as well picture identification and a current residential address.  Once those documents have been reviewed, the applicant is provided with picture identification from the police department.  Feel free to ask the person at your door if they have one.   

Please review this link Peco Bill

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