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With the onset of nice weather it is typical for residents have people approach them about having their driveways sealed or repaired.  Frequently these individuals are scam artists who use inferior materials or simple spread a coat of oil of the existing blacktop to give the impression that they have sealed or repaired the driveway.  These subjects then collect the fee from the homeowner and leave the area having provided the customer with false contact information.   As of this date Newtown Township Police have NOT issued any soliciting permits to anyone for driveway repair or sealants.      


If someone comes to your door and wants to sell you a product or a service Chief Pasqualini would like you to have the following information.  Most importantly if you feel uncomfortable at all – DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.  Call our twenty-four hour radio dispatcher at (215) 598-7121 and an officer will respond to check the area.  It is helpful if you can provide a description of the person(s) as well as a description of any vehicle.  Anyone soliciting business should have applied for and received a permit from our department.  In order for a permit to be issued the applicant must provide police with an up to date criminal history report, as well picture identification and a current residential address.  Once those documents have been reviewed, the applicant is provided with picture identification from the police department.  Feel free to ask the person at your door if they have one.   


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