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The Public Works team consists of a Director Joe Schiavoni, 8 full time employees, 5 part time employees, a custodian and a secretary.

It is our hope that this website will offer the citizens of Newtown a clearer understanding of who the Public Works Department is and what services we provide. Our Director, coordinates each member of his team to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of Newtown’s community.

The Public Works Department is not only responsible for the maintenance of over 70 miles of roadway, but also maintains the following areas: street signs, street sweeping, lights, drainage, township vehicles inclusive of all The Public Works and Police Department fleet, mowing of open space and Parks for a total of over 300 acres, 12 township buildings, bids and purchasing, just to name a few. Public Works is also an active participant in The Adopt-A-Road, Liquid Fuels, and Waste Hauling programs. Additionally, there is what can best be described as the most cumbersome task of all, Snow Season.

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