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Newtown Township Public Works Department is an active participant in several programs, which aid in bringing annual revenue into the Township. These monies are then utilized towards the growth and improvement of roadways within the community. Listed below are the name and a brief description of each program. Should you have any additional interest in any of them, please feel free to contact Public Works office at 215-968-2800, extension 246.


Patterned after the State of Pennsylvania’s program for state owned roads, Newtown Township Public Works implemented a similar program for township roads. The basis is to rid township roads of litter and to improve the environment. Applicants can be individual residents or groups representing a company who would like to volunteer to “Adopt-A-Road” or portion thereof to pick up litter. Certain requirements do apply and an agreement must be completed. If you or anyone you know would like more information to volunteer please feel free to contact The Public Works office. Your participation in the community is greatly appreciated!

Liquid Fuels

Each year the Township receives grants/aid from The State of Pennsylvania’s PennDOT Department. This monetary assistance is afforded to Newtown Township as a result of The Public Works Department’s efforts to maintain delegated township roadways.

Waste Haulers

Newtown Township Public Works Department is responsible for ensuring local waste hauling companies are properly licensed when utilizing the roadways in Newtown. By committing our efforts to this endeavor, we are able to receive annual grant money from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. These monies are then utilized for improvements within your community.

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