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Snow Removal Ordinances 201-204 and 602-605 require:

ALL vehicles must be removed from any road or street after an accumulation of one inch or greater of snow until snow has been completely removed from the entire width of the cartway, until 24 hours after the storm. Vehicles in violation may be towed and impounded on the authority of the Chief of Police or Public Works Superintendent.

Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall or ice storm. If you are unable to clear your own property of snow and ice, it is recommended that you contact a landscaping or snow removal service company.

Please . . .

DO NOT shovel, blow, or push snow from driveways or sidewalks into roadways. This practice is dangerous and illegal and can leave the homeowner liable in case of an accident. Snow must be kept within the homeowner’s property limits.

DO NOT leave trashcans in roadways or near curb areas.

DO NOT leave basketball backstops at curb areas. Damage has resulted to backstops and Township vehicles during snow removal. The Township is not responsible for damage to backstops.

*If you live near a fire hydrant which becomes covered with snow, please remove as much snow from around it as possible so that emergency crews have access to it easily.  

Public Emergencies

The Township encourages residents to make known their critical travel needs, for such things as medical emergencies, when roads may be impassible due to weather conditions. Every effort will be made to prioritize specified roadways and accommodate requests.

Communications with the Public

The Township phone number for public inquiries during storms is 215-968-2800 x246. Messages will be received at this number and monitored by the Director of Public Works for appropriate action.

Homeowners’ Associations will be contacted by mail each year for their assistance in requesting the cooperation of homeowners during an emergency.

*More snow information and guidelines

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