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Newtown Township Public Works Department conducts it’s annual street sweeping mid-April with weather permitting. The project runs approximately 2-3 weeks for completion of the entire township. Larger developments will see postings advising residents to remove their vehicles from the roadsides. It is important these postings are adhered to so that we may provide a most thorough cleaning.

Following the “annual sweep”, streets will be addressed on an “as needed” basis for additional sweeps.

We will update this timetable every Friday to reflect the schedule and to adjust for inclement weather.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Deparment by E-mail or call 215-968-2800 Ext. 246


Week of May 16
Newtown Grant
Fawn Hollow
Amy Circle

Week of June 6
Wiltshire Walk
Campus Dr

Week of May 23
Parade Route
Linton Hll Farms
Country Bend
Woods of Saxony


Week of June 13
Newtown Gate
Taylor Heights
Newtown Estates


Week of May 30
New Haven
Hill Haven
The Reserve
U. Silver Lake Rd

Fill in: Eagle Rd, Linton Hill Rd, Vera, Old Frost, Newtown Yardley, Campus Dr, Lower Silver Lake

Updated as of Friday, May 13, 2016




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