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In Addition to your normal weekly pick-up dates and Fall & Spring Special Collections

In any month, other than a month of special collection of leaves and other yard waste by Haulers (Fall and Spring), Township residents may deposit their leaves and other yard waste at Warwick Green Grinders (free of charge).

Warwick Green Grinders
Nurseries & Garden Centers
2616 Rushland Rd
Jamison, PA 18929-1248

Leaves and other yard waste shall include leaves, garden residue, shrubbery and tree trimmings, and similar material, but not grass clippings.

As Warwick Green Grinders does not accept grass clippings, please continue to place separately from leaves and other yard waste for your hauler to collect during normal collections.

Please contact Warwick Green Grinders directly at 215-598-3058.

Waste Removal & Recycling within Newtown Township is handled by individually licensed waste haulers. If you need to contract for waste removal services, please contact one of the following:

  • Allied Waste Services
  • George Leck & Son, Inc.
  • Waste Management
215-788-5555 or
  • The Junk Jeannie
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
If you need a recycling bin, you can obtain that at the Township building.

*If you live in a Homeowner's Association, contact them first to see if they have made prior arrangements for waste removal within your development. It has been mentioned that if the majority of residents in a development use the same Waste Hauler, a discount may be given. (if your association has a website and is not listed, please have them contact us to be included on our association's webpage)

For more information on recycling within Bucks County, or if you have any type of Hazardous Household Waste you need to dispose of please visit the Bucks County Planning Commission's site for recycling.

Hough Associates was appointed as the Recycling Data Collector for Newtown Township and is currently in the process of collecting data from Township Businesses. Pennsylvania Act 101 and municipal ordinance requires businesses to recycle office paper, corrugated cardboard and aluminum cans.

Newtown Township appreciates the cooperation of the businesses, which should result in an increase in 904 Grant Funds.

If you have any questions call Mr. Tom Hough of Hough Associates at 610-992-9990.

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